Mar 15, 2006

Fun blogging in Illinois
I just stumbled across a great new blog recently started by Margo Pearson, a newspaper designer/Graphic Artist in Rockford, Ill.
Margo has a keen eye for fun images and indulgent houswares. She is sure to be a great resource for fun design! Check it out here.

Happy Words!

Live your art and it will live around you!!
-Corey Amaro,Tongue in Cheek

Get Out The Vote!

Now is your chance to get involved! For the next 15 days you have a chance to help Jury the April Exhibition at Projekt30!! Click through the mystical array of varying mediums and dizzying talent and be sure you are ready for a little Oohhing and Aahhing! You get to rate each individual artist on a scale of 1-5. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality, and quantity(!), of work. And yes, my stuff is up there too!

The final 30 will be on display at April 1-30, 2006.

Mar 12, 2006

The way it goes in my house is that things very rarely get actually hung on the wall. Paintings in progress are mixed in with finished works, photographs, inspiration pieces and objects we collect. This is my "work bench". It is an ever changing display in my home of projects coming and going.

Art-e-zine is a collection of crafty ideas, concepts, processes and thoughts maintained by Gillian Allen who lives and works in the UK.
Gillian has been kind enough to design a page showcasing my artwork. It would be well worth your time to peruse the pages she has accumulated. There are a lot of talented mixed media artists hidden in her pages. Take a tour and see what you can find!