Oct 14, 2006

Last Chance to Sponsor Me!

I hope that your Saturday is treating you well. It is a little rainy here which I am hoping will clear up in time for the AIDS Walk LA that I will participating in tomorrow with 2 of my friends.

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Lovely write up!
Just a quick thank you to Victoria Smith, the fab gal behind SF Girl By Bay. If you aren't familiar with this blog, you should be, especially if you live in the San Francisco area!! (Heads up ladies!) Victoria has the most amazing collection of flea market finds and decorative pieces. She is kind enough to post pictures of her apartment on Flickr. Here you will find no shortage of inspiration!!!

With what she calls her Bohemian Modern Style, Victoria's blog shares fun places in and around San Francisco to shop for great pieces to add to your own collections! Victoria also has a site, Petite Flea, where you can buy items that she has collected to create her own cyber flea market of sorts! But you have to be fast! Once an item sells, thats it!

Also, today marks Victorias first column with Apartment Therapy: SF. This will be a weekly column, and todays was a great guide to flea market shopping including great tips on what to take with you to ensure that you are prepared when you find the perfect item for your home!
(Header image courtesy of Victoria Smith)

Oct 13, 2006

Illustration Friday: Smitten
On my last outing to the flea market I came across a few images that just made my blood rush and made me want to come directly home and start working on. This photo was one of them!

This weeks Illustration Friday theme is smitten, and I certainly am smitten with her, as I am sure was every man who crossed her path! She reminds me of a young Elizabeth Taylor! The whole image is so romantic. This piece is 6"x 8", and I am inthe process of working on a huge version, 30" x 40".

Oct 12, 2006

Real Simple November!

I am so excited to finally announce that I will be part of an article in the November issue of Real Simple magazine. The article focuses on four women who have taken unusual and creative paths to preserving their family history! This is my first national publication and I had a great time doing a photo shoot back in September. The photographer was Johnny Miller, and his work is gorgeous. He traveled all over the country to each of the four womens locations and took our portraits. I have never done a photo shoot before. It was all very surreal!

Here a few polaroids from the shoot! I can't wait to see the issue. It should be out in the next week or so. You can be sure that I will post about the spread when it comes out!

Recent Commission

Here is a quick shot of a recent commission. This piece was a wedding gift given as a gift certificate so that the couple could choose their own subject matter and I was delighted when they sent me photos of the Brooklyn Bridge! The couple lives in Brooklyns DUMBO neighborhood, located just by the bridge overpass. I am pretty excited about the finished piece. I am still in the process of sealing it, but I cant wait to see shots of it in the happy couples new home!

Oct 11, 2006


Here is a new Halloween-ish piece, Desiree, I uploaded to my shop this week. I have been saving that skeleton page from this great old dictionary for a while now! I am so excited when I finally use pieces of paper that I covet and they work well in a piece! It is a great diagram!

Oct 10, 2006

SPC-Imperfection Wk 2
I have been totally stumped all day as to what to post as my imperfection this week. I realize that I am censoring myself because it is hard to share your less than stellar sides with the world! That made me realize that my self censorship defeats the whole purpose of participating in the Self Portrait Challenge. I am human and the whole point of this excerise is to be honest, and sometimes honesty is not pretty! And man oh man did I get a wake up call when Hannah sent me her pics from out day at the Rose Bowl! Yikes! Not only is my posture like that of a 130 year old, but I definitely need to have my jaw wired shut, and fast! And why am I making that face! Don't I know that I am in public? So there you go, a full body profile. I will think of this image the next time I let my shoulders down and my back slouch!

BTW- I was the featured Sunday Slice last Sunday on SPC. Thanks Bekka!

Oct 8, 2006

The Rose Bowl rocked!!

Just a quick note tonight to share photos from the Rose Bowl Craft Fair Hannah and I participated in this weekend. We had a blast! Our canopy was the best investment ever! We met tons of really cool people and some awesome vendors! I would have to say that a fine time was had by all!

To see the photos I took at the event, click here.