Apr 27, 2007

Sneak Preview

Sorry to be flying so low under the radar this week. I have been hustling to get lots of work finished for Saturdays {open}ing. There is a huge back wall in the space that I will be filling with a line of 6x8s and so I have been gluing non-stop! Today is a day for sealing and adding hardware! And baking cookies. That'll be a nice change of pace! LOL

The pic above is one of the walls at {open}. Not a great picture, as the sun is shining so brightly through the wonderful front window and drowning out all color, but it is a nice sneak peak at the show! I will have tons more to post on Sunday, I am sure.

I want to thank Apartment Therapy LA for posting about the opening! I look forward to meeting lots of people, fingers crossed! Be sure to introduce yourself if you make it!

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IF: Remember

IF's theme this week is remember. I love the camaraderie of this photograph. These guys, in their suits, taking a picture to remember the first day of their new business, or on a fun vacation. Perhaps they are all related, brothers-in-law, and the wives are huddled together behind the camera. . . . Who knows, but this is an occasion they want to remember!

I titled the piece "These Guys" because I can almost hear the Robert De Niro-esque quality exclamation emerging from the guy in the center as he puts his arms around the other two and squeezes then in close just as the shutter snapped the scene. You know you hear it too!
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Apr 23, 2007

Opening Reception at {OPEN}

1 week to go! I am so excited about my upcoming opening at {open}. I hope that if you are in the area you will come by and check it out, and say hello! There are 30 pieces in the show. Lots to see! Here are the details::

{open}ing reception
Saturday, April 28
6 to 8 pm
light refreshments :: live dj

Link to directions: Map of 2226 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA

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Apr 22, 2007

As soon as I knew Jamey was preggars, I knew I was going to ask Dawbis to create a playful portrait for her! I LOVE the outcome! OMG! It is so perfect! Jamey LOVED it too! This was such a wonderful gift, and Jamey cant wait to hang it in her nursery! It is something she will have forever! And it is too cool! Thank you Dawn!!
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