Jun 15, 2007

Revlon: Last Day to Donate!

Just a quick reminder that today is the very last day to make a donation to the Revlon Run/Walk Foundation to help support research and funding for Womens Cancers. The race was back on May 12th, 2007 and Jamey, Adam and I had a great time completing the course and then watching a Pat Benetar concert! She rocks!

As I said in April, I am still offering anyone who makes a donation of any size 10% of an ENTIRE ORDER from my Etsy Shop!

If you are so inclined you can see photos from the day here.

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IF: Rejection

Poor Matthew! He often finds himself on the heels of rejection but he is getting help so that one day he will annunciate and speak clearly and nab the girl of his dreams!

Stretching it this week!!! Hard topic!
Happy weekend!!

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Jun 13, 2007

decor8 interview~

Today Holly of decor8 posted an interview that she did with me! You gotta check it out!! Thank you Holly!

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Reorganized and it feels so good! Sing it with me~!
A few weeks ago I was super slammed with commissions and trying to get work done for So Co and Little Monster when I decided that that would be a good time to stop everything and reorganize my studio. Since the space is only a 10'x10' bedroom in my house every inch must be used effectively, and that just wasn't happening. I constantly found myself at the dining room table, or on the floor in our entry when I had multiple projects going at once. One morning I made a very sleep-eyed decision that I had had it and just started moving things around. This is nothing new for me. I used to do these types of big re-arrangings on a whim all through my childhood. When I was 13 I actually took a knife to my Laura Ashley wallpaper because it was just so time for a change . . . but that is a story for another day.

Anyway! So by the end of the day my closet space had been stacked sky high, which was so much smarter than it was before. Now all of my files and the TV and the button making materials, etc have a home that isn't the floor! Yay for floor space!

On his way home from work Tom stopped and bought a cheapy door to fashion into a counter top for me. Lets face it, I am going to destroy it anyway, so it doesn't have to be granite! Just something I can cover with glue, and not worry about catching with the exacto! The file drawers (Ikea!) that couldn't fit in the closet made a great table base. I can still get my legs under the surface and work comfortably! Tom also sawed a shelf in half that he had made me for my previous set up so that my giant printer would have somewhere to live. Thank GOD he is handy and has power tools!!

My most recent epiphany was that I could make the far right table all about sewing. This way the sewing machine stays off the dining room table for most projects, and is in easy reach so that I have a hope of finishing the projects I started with my initial enthusiasm. Once I put it in the closet in February (!!) when we had visitors it stayed there and I just forgot about it! That is not good since now I cant wait to get back into the sewing! Make it accessible and I will do it!

Oh, and the ball! That is the best "chair" ever! We had to notch the table so that the ball would go under and store itself there, but I can easily pull it out and roll it over to the other work surface in a heart beat, and my back or ass wont kill at the end of the day because I have been sitting on a hard surface for 12 hours! Funny but true!

Also, Charlie can hide under the table and be out of site when the ball is stored. He loves it under there! So now we are all happy and it is back to work!

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Jun 11, 2007


I have been experimenting with creating pieces on wood. I love the wood grain coming through, and the organic feeling of the surface.
This one is Talia4, and she is now available in my shop!

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Jun 10, 2007

Prints framed!

I was perusing blogland a couple days ago when I came across this awesome photo on a blog belonging to Anastasia, a client of mine in Australia! (Very cool blog by the way!) I was so excited to see how someone has framed my prints and so I immediately had to email and ask if I could blog about the pic!

I love the frames! Thank you so much Anastasia for lending me your pic!