Jul 13, 2006

Lots of new surprises!

The past week has been hectic. Nutty even! So much going on both in and out of my studio! I am so excited by items I have been able to add to my shop! Here is a little peek!

I was inspired by Kim over at In Craft We Trust (I am particularly fond of her Dont Be An Ass pin set!) to create pins and magnet sets that showcase my art. There are five sets, each with an assortment of imagery, available as a pins to liven up your lapel, or magnets to brighten up you fridge or office! My set live on the black magnetic chalkboard in the kitchen!

A few new 6" x 8"s have been added. I hadn't done any of these pieces in a while and really missed the quick turnaround. They are challenging and keep my mind sharp, my exacto dull, and my hands gluey! Love it! I have been toying with the idea of joining the one-a-day artists like Justin Clayton, however, I fear that my head may explode if I take the plunge!

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for the amazing response to my new bookplates! I never anticipated that they would be so well received and I am glad to say that there have been more added to the shop.

Jul 12, 2006

Childrens Portraits

These are two commissioned portraits I recently finished of a clients children. They were a blast to do! I love the little girls eyes, so huge and wide! Beautiful! And the little boy on a London Carousel makes me hear music! To do, todotodo dodo do do. (Like at the circus. . . . ) Childrens portraits are always tons of fun because of the parents excitement to get a portrait of their child. It just a great experience!

Cool Mom Picks
BTW-There is a really great write up today on Cool Mom Picks all about my commissions. Thank you Liz for the glowing words! I am blushing over here!

Jul 11, 2006

SPC: Self portrait as Koi

So I have decided that all of my SPC's this month will be of things and experiences that inspire me for that particular week! I think that this is a fun way to get to share the non-art related adventures we get up to! I mean, that could be me . . . if I was The Incredible Mr. Limpet!

This weekend my husband and I went on a Pond Walk around our area. He is itching to build a pond in our backyard and we saw some amazing water features, as well as incredible homes!

This particular house had an amazing pond and so many fish! Some were HUGE! Just amazing! We were allowed to feed them lettuce and they all clamored over each other to get a nibble. It was totally surreal!

Jul 10, 2006

Illustration Friday: Skyline

This weeks Illustration Friday theme is skyline. I just kept thinking about butterflies, swarming in the sky. This piece is 8" x 24". The background paper is gold and shimery and not photographing very well, but I think you can get the jist!