Dec 11, 2007

So in the mood!

OK, I am finally in the holiday mood! After being inundated with Christmas in every store since August, I was doubtful that I would get over the anger of the holidays being shoved down my throat so early. BUT, and I say "but" with glee, I am now ready to let the Merry Merry in! Tis the season, and I am a tree decorating fool! I have been listening to this cute little animation in the background of my Firefox windows over and over again! Click on over, and belt it out! I dare you not to sing along! So cute!

(Illustration by Joshua Held)

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Dec 10, 2007


How amazing is this photograph? This is a recently finished commission, 16"x20" and I just totally fell in love with the photo. It makes my heart swell! It is just incredible!

The deadline to have have your own commissions in for a Christmas delivery is Wednesday, Dec 12th, and the size is limited to no larger that 11"x14". If you have any questions, please contact me (michelle{@}michellecaplan{.}com) as soon as possible.

Also, the deadline for purchases from my shop to be sent via priority mail is December 18th (within the US). International buyers will have to contact me with detailed location info.

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Have you ever seen Trunkt?? It is my favorite new place to play on the web! There are lots of rad designers and artists listed on the site, many I had never seen before! I am proud to say that I am now one of them! If you have never been to the site, you have got to go! Happy hunting!!

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