Jun 30, 2006

Illustration Friday: Sticky

This weeks Illustration Friday theme is sticky and this kid fits the mold! This piece is titled Peter. He is currently "Colors of Summer" show at the artstream Studios Gallery in New Hampshire. He is just so mischevious! You gotta love him!!

(Don't forget, today is your last chance to save 20% off all items in my Etsy shop! )

Jun 29, 2006

"Said and Done" on its way!

So here is a scan of the piece I have submitted to Said and Done. Eventually once all of the submissions are collected this show is going to be traveling. In the meantime you can see the other participants here. They have gotten in a ton of new submissions since my last post. There is a drawing of a squirrel you will love!

Jun 28, 2006

2 days to go!!

I can not believe that June is almost over. Time is flying! With the end of June comes the end of my 20% off sale. There are 2 days left to save before my prices are adjusted and the sale ends! I have added a couple of pieces out of the library show, which I took down yesterday. They are larger in scale, including this one, the first May which is 20"x24".

This week Etsy had a huge wave of traffic hit the site when an article was published in Wired Magazine touting the crafters and alchemy aspect of the site. Unfortunately, the Etsy item and shop counters had to be disabled to compensate and save the servers. Point being dont be deceived by the 0's next to the newer items you see on the site. They are not true readings of how often items are being viewed!

Jun 26, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday: Pop Art week 4

I did a lot of playing this month with the pop art theme, and decided that instead of picking one image, that I am going to show 2 and then put Pop Art behind me. These pictures came from 5 or 6 minutes of standing in the house and snapping photos while I whipped my head around. I was trying to get movement, and instead I got trapped in a box!

I love the Self Portrait Challenge and each week have a great time being experimental and playing with my camera. I was going to choose just one, but then what? I'd have an image on reserve? Maybe save it for backup for a week when I am too busy to fulfill the commitment I have made to myself to participate in the SPC each week? No. I dont want to know I have backup! So here you go, two images I had fun creating.

This second one reminds me of the movie The Vanishing which kind of creeps me out!

Gnome Chillin'

I am busy busy today so I just wanted to post this cute pic from the garden. Luckily Mr. Gnome survived the 100+ degrees over the weekend. I'd say he look rather comfortable wouldn't you? Don't know how he does it!

I am in the midst of preparing orders for shipment, silkscreen screen building and bio writing for Whip Up. It was announced on Friday that I will be joining the amazing contributing writers who work so hard to keep Whip Up full of fresh finds, amazing tutorials and any kind of crafty goodness you can imagine. I am really excited and honored to be asked to cover the Paper Arts, Collage and Mixed Media categories. Whip Up is a daily read for me and I was really bowled over when Kathreen, who is also the mastermind behind the weekly Self Portrait Challenge, asked if I would like to participate. I can't wait to get started!