Apr 13, 2006

Style Bakery Contest

Over at Stylebakery.com they have teamed up with Girlshop.com to host their second annual "on the rise" awards!! And you could win a gift certicficate for voting!

They are looking for the best new indie designers working in a variety of fields including Jewelry, handbags, accessories, clothing etc. I have placed myself in the running in the Home/gift category.

Get out and vote for your favorite little guy who is working hard for a little love! Everyone who votes will be entered into a drawing and be eligible to win a $250 gift certificate to girlshop.com (one winner to be chosen at random).

The voting deadline is June 1, 2006, so hurry, hurry!

Click on the flashing logo you will be taken to the pages entry form.

Apr 11, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday 4/11

OK, Self Portrait Tuesday post number 2! Seems like I might be able to keep up with this! I took this photo for my passport in 2001. When writing my declaration, or whatever it is you have to write on the back, I messed up and ripped up the image. When I went to throw it out, I thought, as a mixed media artist, better to keep it and glue it to something (did I mention this was 2001?) I have moved these scraps of paper through 5 homes in 3 cities. They are still not glued down, still not in the garbage either! At least now they have been used for something. I think I will cleanse myself of them while the sting of schlepping is still fresh in my mind! Fool indeed!

I like the nostalgic feeling I get participating in each weeks SPT. My first semester in art school I was in a class called Visual Literacy. Every week we would have an assignment to Graphically represent ideas and images, etc. It was a real challenge to be original, and not always go for the obvious solution, to really push myself. Hey, I was barely 21, alone in NYC for the first time. I had bigger fish to fry! Now, I see the value in the lessons, and look forward to the weekly challenge of SPT. And the best part is that no one is grading me ;)

Apr 10, 2006

Notecards on Etsy

I have finally gotten a chance to photograph the notecards I have had printed an put them up on Etsy. These are all part of a limited print run.

There are also new original works up, and more to come throughout the week!

(All images © 2006)

Crazy Weekend

It seems not matter how ambitious I am with my weekend plans, 1000 things always spring up!

I am way behind on my blogging and sadley now is not the time to catch up, but I thought I would post a quick shot of a piece recently finished that was commissioned as a 90th birthday present to be given to the subject. I am just so captivated by her eyes! Such a fun piece to have done!

Be back later with news of more new art and items going up on Etsy!

Ta Ta For Now!