Jan 26, 2007

IF: Red

This is an oldie, but a goody! This is To Vera, one of my favorite pieces. She hangs in my home, and is very special to me. I think that the piece is romantic, and soft, mysterious and, well, RED. By far one of my most bold works. I dont really use color like this often. I think that I may try to be more bold this year! Add that to my resolution list that seems to be growing longer everyday! I figure I have until Jan 31st to get them all together! LOL

Jan 25, 2007

January 25th!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH-nananana!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 23, 2007

SPC-resolutions 3

I just finished uploading all of the pics from this weekends birthday festivities. What an amazing time I had at the party! OMG! It was a fabulous evening, not too cold, and an extremely lovely group of people! I couldn't have asked for anything more!

I did realize how nice it is to be surprised! Normally I get into a mode where I have to know everything, or someones asks me a question that clues me into a surprise. I was so proud of how well secrets were kept from me! My girls, and hubby, really did a great job!

So I am adding a goal to me resolution list. I want to be less in control of every detail, and more open to the unexpected. You heard it here first! I know some of you who are picking your jaws up off the floor right now! You really did get me, and I really loved it! Thank you just isn't enough!

If you so desire, you can see all 1,000,001 photos from the party here.