Oct 19, 2007

IF: Grow

This weeks Illustration Friday theme is grow. There are so many new babies and little folks around me, that I cant help but immediately envision a child and its mother. The bond between parent and child has been something I have marveled at for a long time. From a tender touch, to knowing the subtleties of a gurgled sound, mothers have such a strong bond with their children. Fathers too. They both do all they can to ensure that their child grows to be as happy and healthy as possible. Those are my heroes!

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Oct 18, 2007

Tooth Pillows!

I dont know if this is a British thing, or a European thing, or what, but when I was little, I had a tooth pillow. I would put the recently lost tooth in the tiny little pocket of the pillow, and in the morning, the "tooth fairy"(who am I to burst anyones bubble?) would have switched out the tooth for coins. I loved my little tooth pillow, and after deciding I was going to create some with my childrens artwork incorporated onto them, I asked my friends if they had had one, and they looked at me like I was insane.

Well, let me tell you, tooth pillows are awesome! I loved mine, always displaying it on my made bed! I have no idea what ever became of that pillow, but I am very proud of these ones! It was definitely a sewing victory in my studio to have designed them and made them a reality!

Now they are all on Etsy along with a couple of other regular pillows I made. Hope you like them! Now I am off to figure out what my next sewing project will be. . . .

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Oct 16, 2007

SPC: Food

This months SPC theme is food. Fall has started to cool off the days and has slowly brought our tomato growing days to an end! We had a huge bounty this summer from our tiny tomato patch in the back, and I will miss it! There were 5 varieties, and each was delish! Till next year my juicy little friends!!

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Pieces of Us on Etsy!

1. Stop Worrying, 2. Roots, 3. Momentum, 4. Solitude, 5. Anger and Fear, 6. Inner Workings, 7. Matter, 8. Loss, 9. Balance, 10. Ray of Light, 11. Pure Excitement, 12. Pins on the cards, all assembled!

Today I had a chance to upload all of the remaining artwork from my Pieces of Us show to Etsy. Each piece will ship with a pin set from the show. Click on over and check it all out!

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Oct 14, 2007

My newest model!

Oh my goodness! Can you stand how cute this photo is! Jamey sent me this pic of Abby sporting her very first custom onesie and I am loving every inch of it! My brand new love! She is just too good to be true. Those folks of hers really delivered an angel!