Jan 4, 2007

Tagged! Ugh!

In mid-December I was "tagged" by my dear friend the ShandyKing in a regrettably revealing game of blog tag. I am supposed to list 5 things you never knew you (probably never) wanted to know about me. Honestly every inch of my being tells me to keep my mouth shut and let you all go on thinking I am a normal well-adjusted young lady, when in reality I am just a foul mouthed rebel girl who yells in traffic and goes hermit 6 days a week. Thanks Shandy!

So many images run through my head . . . What shall I share?

1). I sucked my thumb until I was 11 years old. No joke. It was a hard habit to break and every now and then I think about it and have a small urge to try it out again, just to see what was so alluring. I haven't yet succumb to that urge, and if I do, I wont be announcing it here!

2). I was born in London, England and at 3 my family moved to Monte Carlo. We moved to the States when I was 6ish and have lived in CA ever since. I lived in NYC for 5 1/2 years, San Francisco for 2, and now have been back in LA for 2.

3). I had to repeat the first grade twice! When we moved to the US my parents enrolled me at the Lycée Français for grade one. After my first year I was only learning French so my mom yanked me out and made me re-take 1st grade at a local public school. I did have a French tutor for years, and took French in high school, and in the first years of college. I can still can't make a phone call in Paris. I know this for a fact, I tried. It was sad and embarrassing.

4). I hate crackers and melon. Saltines make me wretch. Cantaloupe makes me gag. This will never change, stop asking me to take a bite! (you know who you are!)

5). I love Doris Day movies especially Please Don't Eat The Daisies, Pillow Talk, and The Man Who Knew Too Much. I am a Doris fan and always sing along. I also adore Thelma Ritter, and if you don't know who she is, watch Rear Window. Please!

So Shandy, is this good enough for ya? Better late than never!

I am now supposed to Tag 5 people to reveal 5 things about themselves . . . so Hannah, Kim, Tyn, Jessica, and Alicia, you are IT!