Jun 16, 2006

Whip Up Whiplash Challenge is back!


This week is all about introducing yourself, your blog and your style. So here goes: I am a mixed media collage portrait artist and I live in Los Angeles, in the Valley, so I favor words like awesome, rad and . . . no just kidding. (I haven't said rad since my first job in NY when I dropped the R-bomb and it got so silent I swear I heard a cricket!) I do however say awesome, and as often as possible! I am a newlywed and we are quickly approaching our 1 year anniversary in August. We have 2 cats, Charlie (Mine) and Lewis (his) who are a constant source of, shall we say, entertainment. I love to garden and knit and cook. My chocolate chip cookies are famous in these parts. 'nuff said!

I blog to learn and share and occasionally to vent. Sometimes I dont get to post as often as I would like. I read many many blogs and am amazed by the generous nature and support offered by the onlie craft community! I especially admire the group of women business owners who share tales of balancing home and kids and their love of their crafts. They are a true inspiration!

Lately I have been working to expand my art and develop my style beyond my comfort zone. I am currently working on a couple different projects, one of which is creating t-shirts that are loosly based on my art and style. What do you think?? Constructive criticism is always welcome! I love comments!

Colors of Summer

I wanted to post about the opening of the "Colors of Summer" show at the artstream Studios Gallery in Rochester, NH earlier, but time has gotten away from me! It is going on right now, this very minute! If you are in the area, or will be anytime from now to Sept. 6th, then pop in and see some incredible work! Dont miss the Ron Fountain sculptures and the Claudine Hellmuth collages! The Mitchell Rosenzweig paintings are captivating! All of the work is amazing!

Here are a couple shots of my work on the walls from the gallery's album. More photos can be seen here, and watch for opening news and show upadates at Susan Schwake-Larochelle's blog Art Esprit. (She is one of the amazing artisans behind artstream!)

I am honored and excited to part of the show! Now go, check out some art!
(All images courtesy of artstream)


Have you ever heard of this blog, Postsecret? It is a project where people admit secrets and fears, anything they haven't ever said out loud, by creating a postcard and mailing it in. Some of these confessions are so raw and haunting. Some make you smile. And some, well, they make your heart hurt. It is emotional and powerful. Words cannot describe.

There are 2 exhibits currently touring the country with thousands of postcards on display. One of them opens June 17th, tomorrow, in Reading, PA at the Reading Public Museum. I'd go! I am sure that in person, this is an amazing experience. Just looking at the online version is gut wrenching.

A book has been compiled. You can on buy it on Amazon.
(Warning: Some of the material is not approriate for younger eyes. Image courtesy of Postsecret)

Jun 15, 2006

Projekt 30 July Jurying

You know you love clicking through the array of talented artists that enter the Projekt30 monthly competitions. Well, lucky you! It's that time of the month! (Oi!)
From the 15th to the 30th jurying will be open to everyone and anyone! Click here to be dazzled!

Jun 13, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday: Pop Art week 2

One of my favorite additions to my everyday life in the past 10 years, outside of my husband and finding my way through my art, is the digital camera. I love love love the freedom!! You dont have to snap off a roll, take it to be developed and then maybe, a few days later, you get a shot that you might like. The immediate gratification that is granted from the soft click of my Cyber-shot is priceless! I can be a fool, be careless and experimental. And if it sucks, DELETE! And if the lights not right, or its blurry, I get a second chance! Priceless!

My husband had me take pictures of the Elephant Ear plants his parents sent us to include in our Fathers Day card to his dad. While I was completeing my task I decided to have some fun! It was 8:30 am, the sun still low in the sky, and my shadow was so huge and tall it intrigued me. (This was before coffee. . . .) I then played around with the hues and filters in Photoshop.

This excersise every week really gets me to play and have fun. I get pulled away from the lists on my desk to just experiment, a word I use a lot, and I really like the freedom! Thank you to all of the people who participate and stop by to check out my pic for the week! I love seeing all the different imagery you all come up with, and the pieces of yourself that you choose to share!

To see more SPC Pop Art, click here.

Jun 11, 2006

Said and Done

On Saturday my print arrived from the Said and Done collaborative project. I have been eagerly anticipating its arrival, and it is finally here!

Said and Done is a project begun by the students at the Alberta College of Art and Design (A.C.A.D.). Silkscreen prints are sent to artists who apply and are accepted to participate. The prints are 7" x 11" and are silkscreened with different backgrounds. The one I received is pictured above. There are no limits to what can be done to each individual print. It is up to each artist to leave their mark. I will post a quick shot of the finished piece as I package it up once I am done. Once all the pieces are complete and received back by A.C.A.D a show will tour around.
Click here to see the work all ready received back by A.C.A.D. You'll really like seeing the work of the other artists. The different styles and array of approaches is quite dizzying!! I especially like the Ephraim Chui, Scott Radnidge, Porous Walker, and Ian Francis pieces.

What's your favorite???