Jul 6, 2006

Bookplates Unveiled

One of my new projects has been creating Bookplates featuring my artworks. I love the idea that my work revolves so much on paper and book pages, and I think that it is very appropriate that the pieces should be incorporated in such a way. Books have been an obsession for me for a very long time. You cant design book covers without them being an obsession really.
There are four different sets each featuring different group of works including Women, Men, Children and there is a set of the Etched women pieces. I really like them. I hope they find good use! All are in my Etsy shop.

Jul 5, 2006

Gallery and Online Shows

I have added a few links in the sidebar to online and gallery shows that my work is currently in.

The Hollywood Couple, Richard and Betty (pictured above) are currently in the Americana show at the Soke Fine Art gallery in Denver, CO in the Santa Fe Arts District. The show runs all through July.

Issue#2 of NoTxt Magazine features a collection of very cool artists. It takes a minute to load, but the work is very nice!

And finally the Doll Revolt online show is a really eclectic gathering of women artists. The layout is a little confusing at first, with the work divided into galleries that are laid out on a female doll outline. My work is in the Prosthesis category which is on the dolls right arm. This is an interesting collection of works. Be sure to click on the Part 2 link to see the Gilda Radner Cut-out Doll. It is very cute!

SPC: Self portrait as Fireworks

This is such a screwy week!! I just realized it was Wednesday, and I neglected my Self Portrait Challenge. Not good!
This week I am posting images from the fireworks that we watched in Warner Center Park. It was a nice cool evening and the park was full to the brim with kiddies waving glow sticks and the wafting smells of barbeques. There was a huge bandstand with live music, including the Orchesta from Pierce College. On the perimeter were lots of food booths and of course we couldn't enjoy such a day without soft serve ice cream and cotton candy!

To me fireworks are mesmerizing. I love the colors and the trails in the sky from the falling blasts. I look forward each year to the fireworks shows, and this year really made up for the fogged over show that we saw in San Francisco two years ago. I cant remember why, but last year we missed the local display. This year was great! We were sitting underneath huge Pine trees and the shadows on the ground from the bursts were very cool. The pictures captured by my camera are all very dark and abstract. I really like the results! I know I will be feeding off of the inspiration for a little while at least!

Jul 3, 2006

Happy 4th!!

Happy 4th of July! We have been having a nice relaxing weekend here even though the heat has been a bit much. The humidity is just so out of place here in So. California that every one seems to be moving a little slower than usual.
I have lots of projects in the works right now and I can't wait to share them! Also, a few new prints have been added to my Etsy shop, including one of the original Agnes.


Have a happy and safe day. Enjoy the fireworks!