Jul 18, 2007

Felt Club

I have been trying so hard all week to get around to blogging all about last weekends Felt Club! I have been busting my chops trying to tie up loose ends and prepare for a trip that hubby and I are taking this weekend! We leave tomorrow for NY to meet our new niece born last Friday! There were so many projects to finish and bits of life to clear up that were neglected in the preparation for FC. I have sooooo many things to share, and just not enough hours in the day!

Overall, the event was a huge success! The line started forming around 9:30am, with eager people wanting to snag a swag bag staking their spots! Once the doors opened, it was nonstop crafty shopping, classes, and yummy food all day long! There were actually so many people that halfway through the day the caterer ran out of food, and by 4, the ice cream shop around the corner was all sold out too!

I didn't just sell at FC, I shopped! And man oh man did I score!

I bought this awesome stuffed Owl and the bunny pouch from Sewing Stars. That girl is a whiz with the sewing machine! Her designs are just took gorgeous for words. There was a stuffed Octopus that I would have bought in a second if I had a child! I have a bit of an Owl obsession lately, and this little guy is just perfection. He is corduroy, raw silk, felt, crushed velvet and cotton. AMAZING! And the pouch is the perfect size for my Ipod and earphones. Perfect for easy accessibility in my carry-on!

This cluthchy-tote was from Summer Salt Design who I am happy to share nearly sold out COMPLETELY in the first 2 hours of the day. Nicole, the brains behind the fab items, was our neighbor and the nicest girl. You have to check out her website! That whole pear is hand quilted in 1x1" squares. I dont think I would have the patience!

Not to be outdone, little miss HannahMade's side of our table was packed the ENTIRE day. I was exhausted just watching her! It was so amazing to see people trying on her gorgeous jewelry and have their eyes light up! I definitely learned a thing or two from her!

My Shop has been updated with all of the pieces I have remaining. It was an awesome show and I want to be sure to say thank you to everyone who came out and said hi! I know it was hot and crowded and we all really appreciated all of the people who showed up! As has been already said, FC has outgrown its venue, and the winter show is going to be held in a more suitable location! I cant wait to see what Jenny comes up with! If you would like to check out pics from the event, see the Felt Club Flickr pool.

OK-I am off to finish laundry and pack. Its 10pm and I haven't even had dinner yet! Have an awesome rest of the week and weekend! I will be back with pics of my new niece (!!!!) and of our time in Sag Harbor (did I mention we get to go to Sag Saturday-Monday? More on that later!) next week!

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