Feb 15, 2008

More South Park this weekend!

It is forecasted to be another gorgeous 70 degree weekend here so HannahMade and I will once again be at the South Park Flea Market. Come hang and shop! It is going to be LOTS of fun! ;) Hannah and I have a few new art pendants to share, and they will be available for the first time at this event!

I promise to remember to actually put the battery IN the camera this time so there will be lots to share on Monday! Now back to work for me!

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Feb 14, 2008

Where did Friday come from?

This week has flown by faster than I can even believe. It feels like maybe Tuesday night, but alas, tomorrow is Friday! This week I was really inspired by my fellow artists. I discovered many new talents that have energized my artistic well, and I really want to share them with you!

Elizabeth over at Haru, has blown my mind with her insanely cool paper wreaths! Can you imagine the work that goes into creating one of these??? They are just simply gorgeous! This one came to my house to stay, and I love it so much! I cant wait to figure out where to hang it!

I dont know how I have never seen Betsy Walton's work before, but I am glad that I have now! I have been drooling over her portfolio and shop all week long! I just keep revisiting her pages and each time I see her work, I see something new. You know that feeling you get when you see something that just speaks to you, and you dont know how to explain why? Well, that is what Betsy's work is doing for me! Her details are imaginative, moving and thoughtful. I would love a room in my home just dedicated to her work alone. What a bright and happy place it would be!

Lastly I have to share the 365 blog of Jen Renninger. Her digital collages are wowing me everyday! We share a few of the same concerns about the varying styles displayed in our one a day work, as if schizophrenia had taken over our paint brushes. It is nice to know I am not alone! I think that Jen has an amazing storytelling ability, and each of her pieces speaks volumes! I love so many of them, picking one favorite is impossible! Lucky us, Jen has prints of her 365 project in her shop!!! (UPDATE! Today I received the prints that I ordered from Jen, and you can't even imagine how insane these are in person! So much more detail to fawn over in person! They are spectacular! THANKS JEN!!)

Also, this was an incredible mail week! Aside from all of the boring supplies that I am so dorkily excited to have all stocked up, I received a few really special deliveries! All of the Valentines that I have received from the Swap are really diverse and fun. It is amazing to see everyones different interpretations, and nice to get a bevy of fun art in the mail! Thank you so much to Tyn for organizing everything, and for all of the participants for making my mailbox a fun place to visit! ;) Cant wait for next year!!

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Love Love Love!

This day has been nuts, but I wanted to quickly wish you a ll a happy day filled with lotsa love and kissing! ;) More tomorrow! I have lots to share!

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Feb 12, 2008

I cant adequately express how excited I am to have recently discovered Hahnemuhle Fine Art Papers! Up until now I have been printing my prints on Glossy Epson 5 star photo paper, which is pretty gorgeous in its own right, but not really a true representation of my work. This new paper knocks my socks clean off! The color is lush and deep, and the weight is really lovely. So it is with great pride and joy I am announcing my new prints!!

I am starting off slow with the availability of the prints on this new paper. I have listed Allie, and am making a brand new piece available for the first time! Melora is one of my recent favorites! Printed on this paper, the color is unbelievable!

Also, I have gone through my remaining inventory of the glossy prints. I have listed all of them in a Clearance section in the shop. They are all up there now, so once these are gone, they are gone. If you have a favorite you would like to see offered on the new paper, please leave a comment here!

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Feb 11, 2008

Glorious day at South Park

I have to say that I had a blast yesterday at the South Park Flea Market! The weather was, just as this photo implies, GORGEOUS. Just insanely amazing for a February day. With all of the buildings and hustling bustle on the streets surrounding us, I totally felt like I was in NYC in Spring.

After not setting up a booth for almost 2 months I was surprised how smoothly it all went. For me, the stress level was almost nothing, and that is very unusual. I am generally freaking out and get all red in the face with stress and heat. Not yesterday though! Set up went smooth as butta!

The crowd was chock full of really cute dogs who cracked me up. I was surrounded by some of my greatest crafty friends who made the day fly! The only bummer of the day was when I went to pull out my camera, and realized I left the battery in the charger! BUMMER!

Hannah did have hers handy and snapped some great shots so that I could share them here with y'all! Thank goodness one of us wore our smartypants! (We actually prove most days that 2 heads are better than one!)

The whole idea of the South Park Flea Market seems to be getting an extremely warm reception by all of the residents in downtown LA. They are hoping that the weekly market will grow and flourish. While the organizers seem to be starting off the event smaller than it will hopefully one day be (50-60 vendors, with a capacity for easily 200) yesterdays attendance was rawking!

The market had a great mix of vintage clothes, furniture, books, etc. and artisans like me, Shari Enge (pictured above not wasting a second of precious time while at the show!), Tyn Atol and Hannah to name a few. It has the potential to be an incredible weekly event! I think that Hannah and I will be doing this Sunday as well. I will post when I have more details!

(All images courtesy of the one with the brains on Sundays!)

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