Jan 19, 2007

IF: Super Heroes

I think that our most important modern day super heroes, are our teachers. I was lucky to have a few in Jr. High who were amazingly dedicated to us students and inspried us to learn. They worked so hard and sacrificed extra hours to help make sure we understood the material. Teachers dont get 1/10th of 1% of the acknolwedgment that they should. So if you child, or you yourself, have an inspiring teacher, let them know how much you appreciate what they do!

Jan 18, 2007

30 for me, 30 for you

I am having a special birthday blowout sale. I am trying to save up for a new computer as my laptop screen has literally exploded (of course!), and would like to take this opportunity to do us both a favor! On Sunday, January 21st, my 30th birthday, you take 30% off everything in my Etsy shop, INCLUDING the sale section! I have pretty much everything in stock online, so this is a great opportunity to score a larger piece you may have been hesitant to check out in the past. The sale is one day only, midnight to midnight. Purchase what you like, and I will send a revised invoice.
(This sale applies only to the Artwork and items in my Etsy shop. Gift Certificates and Commissioned work are not included.)

Jan 17, 2007

January Photo Competition

Fun, Fun, Fun! I think that we can all agree that this is not your typical January! I live in the San Fernando Valley, in a spot where in July on the 22nd the temp. was 122 degrees, way above normal. Compare that to almost 6 months later exactly, and we are in the middle of some crazy deep freeze. All of my plants have turned brown from the cold, pipes are bursting all over town. The So. Cal. girls have their Uggs pulled up to their navels! Through all of the weirdness, we are being treated to some unusual sites such as ice and frost. Occurances that just dont happen in Los Angeles often!

To have some fun in these odd times, a fab new blog called The Year of Living Gorgeously has launched a monthly photo contest! The theme for Jaunary, are you ready for this . . . . .is "January"! What does the month mean to you? How does it look out of your front door? I am going to take advantage of this weekends birthday festivities to take some primo drunken photos. That's January in my world. How does it look to you? You have until January 30th to submit your images.

Just a side note, The Year of Living Gorgeously is brought to you by Paola Thomas, the wit and wisdom behind MirrorMirror (pee your pants funny!). Even if you aren't a photo bug, you should click on over and take a look at the new blog. It is fabulous!

Jan 16, 2007

Showcase Showdown!

Have you by any chance seen the new Showcases over at Etsy?? A few weeks ago this fantastic way to shop was launched and all spots sold out almost instantly! Each day 25 sellers are featured. It is the most fun way to advertise you shop, and a great way to find and peruse sellers you might have missed otherwise!

For Valentines Day, 2 additional showcses have been put together to help you find the perfect gifty for that someone special. Click to the right or the left on the above image(on the Etsy homepage) to either find gifts for boys or girls! They will be up through Feb 14th, and very worthy of a glance! I have a spot today, and several coming up in the next few weeks. I have fun playing with the functions of the showcase. You have to see for yourself!

New Year, New Reflections, Part II

It's funny. Turning 30 is not something I ever thought would effect me in any kind of way. To me, age is just a number. A way of denoting who can drink, who can drive and who can vote. But really, no one is a standard 23, 47 or 62. My dad just turned 70, which is scary to me, but you would never guess his age. He is not shuffling around the grocery store (unless he is trying to embarrass me anyway). I try not to discount the benefits of wisdom that come with age and experience, but the thought that I can say I have known someone for 25 years really makes me a little queasy. Have I really been alive that long!?

I think that for part of this years new years resolutions, I will be a little easier on myself than last. You see, I made myself a promise last year that by 30 I would have so many things under control i.e.: nail biting, weight loss, organization, etc. I focused on very me things. Things that on the surface make my life a bit messier, and things I felt that weighed me down psychologically (no pun intended). As it turned out, last year was amazing in other ways, career wise, and relationship wise, and strength wise. I still need to let my poor nails grow, and to cut back on the chocolate, but that will come in time. This year I resolve to let myself be human, to laugh a lot, to dance even more, and to enter the next decade clear, driven, and focused on the
positive. . . . Now I hold all of you to hold me to it! LOL

To see more resolutions, check out the Self Portrait Challenge.

Jan 15, 2007

Womb Poerty

The first ever issue of an awesome new online zine has gone live today! Womb Poerty is intended to showcase the diverse and intriguing work of contemporary women poets. Volume 1 is titled Hives & Covens. In addition to the written poetry, there will also be a few visual artists and poets featured in the "sparkle" section. I am very proud that 5 of my collages are included in this first edition! Go take a look and click around!!

Jan 14, 2007

Latest Commissions

I took a little time last week to finally upload some photos and created a new Commission set on Flickr. It was a busy holiday!!