Sep 8, 2006

Illustration Friday: Farm

Yay! This weeks Illustration Friday theme is Farm! This piece, Ride, is again, not a newbie, but one of the ones I have grown immensely attached to. In the background are farm income tax papers from 1918, old personal letters and awesome horse images. It is 30"x 40"x 1 1/2".

Sep 7, 2006

Rose Bowl this weekend!!!

My friend Hannah, who I wrote about on Tuesday, and I are going to be participating in the Rose Bowl Flea Market this Sunday, in Pasadena, CA. Hannah is an amazing jewelry designer and we will be sharing a space in the Arts and Crafts section, which is located at the back of the stadium, as circled on the map above!

There are generally 2500 vendors, and 20,000 shoppers at this event each month. It is an awesome way to spend the day! If you come out, be sure to say hi!

Sep 5, 2006

Skirt! Magazine

Thank you so much to Skirt! Magazine for including my bookplates in their 7 Ways to Find Your Way article!

SPC-With Someone-wk 1

This months theme for the Self Portrait Challenge is with someone. After all that my friend Hannah did to help me prepare for my first photo shoot yesterday, I would be insane if I didn't take my first opportunity to say "Thank you Hannah! I could never have done it without you! I probably would have been a disaster without your steady hands and calm, soothing approach to reigning in my craziness! You take no crap, and no prisoners, and for that, I admire you! You are a strong beautiful woman with spunk and pizzazz! Your talents know no end! You are my soul sister! The good girl to my evil twin. I love ya like I love glue!" This girl rocks!!! Get it?

Sep 4, 2006

New Interview-Artist, Emerging

Deanna Wood was kind enough to want to interview me on her blog Artist, Emerging. You can see the post here.