Aug 23, 2007

Historic LA
Before heading over to the spray paint extraveganza on Sunday, Hannah and I had brunch and then ventured over to the Barnsdall Arts Market. I am embarrassed to say that I dont know much about Hollywood, and so it is really fun to get to discover parts of this city, that I grew up in (yikes!), that I have never seen before. It is almost like I am a tourist, in my hometown. (Pathetic really) I loved this view of the iconic Capital Records building as we drove through the Hollywood hills.

This was the view from our parking space at Barnsdall Park. That is the Hollywood sign on the left, and the Griffith Park Observatory way off in the distant on top of the mountain to the right of the lamppost. Such a gorgeous view!

I really just wanted to share these pics. You can read all about our adventures at Barnsdall on Creative Swoon.

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Aug 22, 2007

Abbott Kinney!

I am SO excited!!!! Hannah and I have been eagerly awaiting word, and we found out last night that we have been accepted into the Abbott Kinney Street Festival on Sept. 30th! Dubbed at the ultimate block party, there is tons of music, food and over 300 vendors! They guestimate that over 100,000 people visit the festival each year, which is a staggering number really. I am sure it is going to be a CRAZY day!

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Aug 21, 2007

SPC: Patterns Wk3

There is a certain time of the afternoon when the sun is just about to set (I guess that would be dusk . . .) and the most AMAZING light comes pouring through the west facing windows of the house. Some days the sun glows red, and I love to sit in the dark and watch the different firey hues cascade across the room. I find a lot of peace and stillness in these moments, which I dont get very often. It is a lovely interruption to my day.

To see more patterns, click here.

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Aug 20, 2007

Preparing for Pieces of Us
I have a show opening September 8th at Regeneration in Eagle Rock, CA called Pieces of Us.

As my friends have so eloquently put it, it is time for me to share that I am far more than just a one trick pony! My inspirations go beyond my portraits. I really enjoy collage that experiments with layers and materials. They are all still very graphic, because that is my aesthetic, but not every one of them needs to be a narrative as it pertains to a photograph. Some may speak of love, anger or frustration. Some may set a mood and a scene just through shape and color. The juxtaposition of different materials and themes that wouldn't normally be combined totally turns me on. Expecting the unexpected, or at least hoping for happy accidents, can also be exhilarating. Nothing is never totally as it is planned (not matter how much I wish it were) and that is a really really good thing!

I have been so nervous to share these pieces, and to reveal the work that I do outside of my portraits. For this show I will be mixing in the portraits along side of the canvases. These pieces are all designed to explore the "mechanics" of man and nature. 95% of the papers and materials are scraps or found objects. There will be many more to come. I am working hard to get everything done for the show!

If you would like to see more pieces, you can see them here.

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Spray Paint and Stencils!
Sunday afternoon I got to go hang out at Tyn's with some of the coolest crafters I have ever met. I have been very lucky to be welcomed into their "craft pack" (Tyn, Kari, Paul and Joe, Mike, and Tamara to name a few!), and they inspire me every time!!!

This weekend I was introduced to spray paint and stencils. Not sure if it was the heat, the clouds of toxic paint mist, or if someone slipped me a mickey, but I went spray paint crazy! It was a completely freeing and liberating experience to not really know what would be the end result of each squirt of the can. I tend to plan my projects out, but that would not have been possible here.

These were a few of my finished pieces sent inside to lean and dry. That middle one was done on the inside of a hardcover book. Ripping up books? Right up my alley! I think that one might be my favorite of the creations I made that day!

This one was my grand finale. By the end, I was exhausted and hungry and just plain disgusting from sweating like a madwoman (I was the Howie of the event with the ever present drip of sweat on the end of my nose!). I kept pushing myself to do more and more! (I was having way too much fun!) In a feverish flurry, I sprayed wildly and threw down stencils with wild abandon. Like the last 5 minutes on the fourth of July, I gave it everything I had. And it was a little too much! LOL

Tyn and I swapped pieces, so now this one lives with me! I haven't hung her up yet, but I will. . . I absolutely love it! Thank you Tyn!!!!

You can see more photos from the day here.

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