Sep 22, 2006

Designers Who Blog

Thank you to Designers Who Blog for featuring my blogs in the last couple of weeks!

Lovely Collection!!

Have you seen the Etsy homepage today??? There is an awesome collection of collages, and I think the page looks fantastic! So colorful and vibrant! There is a lot of movement and expression. And yes, that is Helen peeking out in the center of the bottom row . . . but I am not biased! ;) All of the artists are really great and I am proud to be listed with them!

Illustration Friday: Phobia

It is so funny that todays Illustration Friday theme is phobias! Yesterday I was working on this piece, Claire, and thinking about how close to the hedges this poor woman is standing. I kept thinking about how there were probably 100 spiders about to jump on her, cover her in their webs and drag her off to their dungeon! I HATE spiders, any bugs really. Insects are one of my main phobias! I have stopped gardening carefree ever since I started noticing 2 inch long meaty grasshoppers in my roses! It is sad. And then last night, on the 11 o'clock news, there was a whole segment about how the spider population is booming this year because it has been so friggin' hot out! Ah! So yeah, it is funny that today phobias is the theme. . . .

Sep 21, 2006

You could be a winner!!

Jessica over at Funky Finds is holding an awesome contest. If you leave a comment on her blog between now and her 500th post you will automatically be entered in a drawing to win really cool prizes!! I am excited to say that a couple of my products will be included, as well as goodies from Insurgent Muse, The Black Apple, MaryMo, M. Patrizio and The Paper Princess!! Sounds like a super cool way to discover new indie artists and designers!! (Thanks Jess!)

I posted about the first ever decor8 contest on Creative Swoon last week. Holly, in conjunction with Fabulous Stationery, is holding a workspace contest!!!!! They want to see where you do all the things you do! There are fantastic prizes and there is still time to enter! You have until Sept. 29th. Click over to for more details!

Sep 19, 2006

SPC-With Someone-wk 3

My week three with someone portrait for the Self Portrait Challenge is a quick shot of me with my cat Charlie. Although not the only cat in the house, Charlie is my pal. He loves laying in the sun, but as the heat has been so crazy here this summer, Charlie will lie with just his paws, or the tip of his tail in the warm spots of the sun. He is dark brown, so I am sure he gets too hot very quickly. On days when my brain is over loading, and I need a few minutes to gather my thoughts, I will go and lie down next to Charlie. If my hair isn't pulled back, he will roll around in it and tug on the strands. It's too cute!

I feel like I am now one step closer to being the crazy cat lady! Oh well, at least they are entertaining!

Sep 17, 2006

Happy Client!

Today I got a wonderful email from a client in the UK. She recently purchased 6 pieces while on vacation in LA, and sent me these wonderful photos of the work in their new home! As you can see, she has a wonderfully ecclectic space, and I am so excited to see how she has chosen to display her new art!

I have been a little hesitant to make this request, but I am so darn (censored for blogland) curious to see where my art ends up, that I am going to throw caution to the wind! I have been thinking about this for months, and now have a great idea!! I have mentioned in previous posts about the Art In Your Home group of Flickr. I would love to see were my work ends up hanging, leaning or resting. If you are up for it, and have purchased on of my pieces, please add a snapshot to the group! This is almost a morbid curiosity, because I may find that no one offers up a glimpse, but, I wont know if I never ask!

I figure that if people are already on Flickr, this will be easy! If not, then maybe you will be inspired to join and share. Either way, one day I might get a surprise when clicking through the groups pool, and that possibility is exciting enough!!

Notice the yummy Henry Road pillows on the bed?? They are lovely!
(All 3 photos courtesy of Debbie Smail)