Apr 7, 2007


Just a quick post to wish everyone a Happy Easter! May your eggs be golden, and your Cadury's Chocolate Mini Egg cup runneth over!

Apr 6, 2007


This is such an awesome video! A colorful and fun explanation of Etsy and the new Labs!

Courtesy of ThreadBanger.com!

Illustration Friday: Green!

I was really excited this morning when I saw that the IF theme this week was green. Although it seemed to be a bit early this year on the West Coast, I love Spring! I get inspired to get out into the garden and give a little love to the plants that have been neglected all winter long. I get to fill empty and abandoned pots with beautiful blooms and turn the soil in our little veggie garden for this year attempt at home grown treats. It is always so satisfying to snap a tomato off the vine and enjoy it in a salad!

Once the sun starts to warm, my work also tends to get into the Springy groove. I gravitate toward more botanical and natural themes once I have a little dirt under my fingernails. This will seem slightly daft, but none of this really occurred to me until recently, although this is only my 3rd year as a full time artist. I will pretend like that is the reason. . . . LOL

The piece pictured above, Jocelyn, is one of my most recent pieces. She has quickly become one of my favorites!

Apr 5, 2007

Everyday I go out into the garden, and there is so much going on! I spotted this giant ladybug in the new daiseys! Actually, she was so big, it would have been hard to miss her!

Apr 3, 2007

Revlon Run/Walk, May 12th, 2007
I am really excited to announce that I will be participating in this years Revlon Run/Walk in Los Angeles on May 12th. I did the Run/Walk in NYC in 2001 and it was an amazing feeling walking in the crowd and seeing the number of women who are survivors, and the number of people who were there to support and honor the memories of someone they loved.

I am walking in the memory of a family friend who very recently lost her battle with Cervical Cancer. Anastasia was a young and beautiful wife and mother. She had a wonderful family and leaves behind a 2 year old son. I mention this, as it is especially poignant, because the Revlon event is being held Mothers Day weekend.

If you are in LA or NY, and would like to participate in the event, register on Revlon's site. The process is quick and easy! Even better, get a bunch of friends together! You'll have a blast and the 5k will fly by!

If you aren't in either city, and would like to make a donation, please click here.

As a Thank You to everyone who donates, I will be sending them a 10% off coupon to use on anything in my shop! After all, no good deed goes unrewarded . . . at least not on this blog!

Apr 1, 2007

Happy April Fools~!!

I had to just writ a quick post and wish everyone a happy April Fools Day!! I hope you haven't fallen for some crazy gag! You had better believe I have had my eyes peeled all day for tricksters! We have spent the whole weekend replacing flowers and plants that we lost in the crazy frost we had in So. Cal in Feb. Now there is lots of color and life in the yard!

We decided to go completely tomato this year in the veggie garden. We like them the best anyway! The herbs are also all ready for cooking!

OK-gotta get back out there and paint the garden closet before Tom catches me blogging! LOL It is Sunday after all!