Apr 29, 2009

Ever heard of Mina Loy?? Well, you should!

Late last year I was contacted by a lovely young lady who is writing her thesis on an artist and poet named Mina Loy. She wanted to commission a piece of Ms. Loy to hang on her wall and keep her inspired through the daunting task! At first I was a little perplexed, and then once I started to learn a bit about Mina Loy, I was intrigued! She was a talented, baudy woman who was surrounded by some of the greatest poets, writers and artists in history. She dreamed of accomplishing things no woman of her time dared! In the end I think this was one of my favorite projects to date! I absolutely loved the experience!

Tara Prescott (my client) and me with the finished piece! Man, I look exhausted in that pic!

Unique LA!

This weekend, May 2-3, I will be participating in the Spring 2009 Unique LA! My booths# is 5006-5003. I will be accompanied by HannahMade and Henry Road! Also vending at the event are the insane talents of the Frantic Meerkat, and the Mincing Mockingbird!! There will be over 250 vendors, so RUN, dont walk!! Hope to see u there!