May 8, 2007

SPC: On the Street

May on the SPC is all about photos from the street, which for a person who hardly leaves the house is pretty challenging! I work from home and so, most days I am busy here, not out in the big bad world! So this month I will push myself to venture outside, and click a pic!

Last weekend we took a trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo. The views were amazing, but I have to say that the animals all seemed on the depressed side, which made me feel very conflicted. I haven't been to a zoo in easily 15 years, and was so excited to get to see the Flamingos and Giraffes (My FAVORITES!) but really the zoo was sad and the animals were so restricted. Each individual habitat did not seem suited to the specific animal. Rather that they had just squeezed in enough areas so that they could have the standard variety of animals to qualify as a "Zoo". It made me sad to see the lions and gorillas in itty bitty spaces.

The penguins, however, had no problems. They were all diving and swimming like crazy. Their tank was huge and they were active and so fun. One actually tried to chew my sleeve through the glass. It was hysterical. I really enjoyed watching them go!

So leaving the house isn't so scary, I'll admit it! Maybe I'll get out onto the street again this week . . . . LOL

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May 7, 2007

Parker and Dixie

Two recently completed commissions! Both are 16" x 20".

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