Nov 18, 2006

Up Up and Away!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be away for a week hanging out with family and friends in NY for Thanksgiving! Although I wont have time to hit the city, I will be all over Long Island and upstate. I hope you all have a fantabulous turkey day!

Here is a fun movie all about Etsy put together by a couple of guys in Brooklyn to keep you entertained during my radio silence!

NOTE: I will be back the weekend following Thanksgiving. Any orders placed while I am away will ship 11/27. Gobble gobble!

Nov 16, 2006

Sous Le Soleil

I am SO excited for this Saturdays craft boutique in Pasadena! I, along with 15 other artists and crafters, will be participating in Tyn Atols second annual Sous Le Soleil!! I went and checked out the space a couple of months ago and WOW! What a beautiful loctation, on top of a hill overlooking all of the city! I am looking forward to meeting the other artists who will be there, and to be outside for a day!!!Fresh air! Yay! (kinda sad huh?) If you are in LA and looking to get an early jump on your holiday shopping, you must come join us!!

Here are some of the awesome folks who will be there:
Tyn Atol
Denise Young
Renée Dominique
CJ Metzger
Kari Atol

Here is the info: 330 Redwood Dr. Pasadena 12-5 Say "Hi!" if you come by!!!

Nov 14, 2006

Fall Colors Party!!

This Thursday night there will be a party to celebrate the winners in Apartment Therapys Fall Colors Contest. The event will be held at Turquoise’s new showroom in Venice. I will be there with many of my works, as will Henry Road! It is sure to be an outrageous event! If you are in the area, please come and join us!

Etsy V2
The new version of Etsy is now online!!! I am over the moon excited with the new features! I love the huge new banners and larger images. Everything is just so much more organized, which suits my nerotic self right down to the bone!

For me the best addition is the ability to put our items into sections! Now you wont have to click through 10 pages to investigate what is available. The art is with the art, and the onesies are with the onesies! LOVE IT!

To check out the new duds, click here.

West Coast Style Show
I went and checked out the West Coast Style Show over the weekend. Here are a couple pics of my pieces in Vanessa's space at the West Coast Style Show. The room looked awesome! I loved everything! Thanks Vanessa!!