Apr 28, 2006

Dont forget to check out the Etsy find of the week over on Creative Swoon!! Todays find is a perfect gift for Mothers Day!!

Apr 27, 2006

Here are few shots of things in the garden that are inspiring me lately. I started growing some veggies from seeds this year. Brussell Sprouts, Eggplant, and Leeks where the only things to actually sprout. Since this photo I have moved them into the little veggie garden that existed when we moved into our house last year.
The fig tree was starting to bloom, until we had it trimmed! Not sure there will be any yummy figs this year, but at least the tree will be happy and healthy!

The nectarine tree has more than doubled in size! It fills with beautiful little pink flowers before the fruits start to develop.

And can someone please tell me how to get rid of these bastard grasshoppers!! They are terrorizing the whole yard!! I hate bugs. Despise them. Fear them! Every time I water I inevitably disturb one and send them into a hoping rage. Which in turn makes me run screaming like a tiny little girl! Its kind of embarrassing! I always end up feeling like an ass! But these things fly at you, you know?

Quick post tonight. I have been working hard on getting ready to hang a show at the library in Calabasas, CA. They have a bunch of huge wall spaces that have inspired me to create some new larger pieces. The two ladies on the horses are 36"X48" each.

This picture is of two couples in the 1920's standing in an arched walkway. I love this image. It reminds me of old Hollywood and the days of Mary Pickford and Charlie Chaplin. In the background there are fabulous old magazine ads and articles featuring such Hollywood legends as Marlena Dietrich, Cyd Charisse, Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner. Its so nostalgic. I love this era!

These photos are really terrible. I am kind of embarrassed! I will replace them as soon as the sun comes up! Best to shoot these outside in natural light!

Apr 26, 2006

Yowser!! 10% off today only!!

Yesterday was a HUGE day!!

First, thanks in part to being featured as the Blog of the Week on decor8 (Thanks Holly!!) this blog received twice as much traffic in one day than it has since I started! Same with Creative Swoon! Two blogs, both with twice the traffic!! I am beaming!!

Second, Esty.com reached a huge milestone. The 50,000th item was sold, and since the site has only been up 10 months, that's a pretty incredible feat!

To celebrate both major markers and thank everyone for taking the time to stop by I am offering 10% off of all items in my Etsy shop!! One day only, today April 26th. Simply hit the Buy Now button, mention this post in the "Note to seller" field on the check out form, and wait for me to send you a revised invoice! Do not pay the automatic Etsy invoice.

Apr 25, 2006


Joy, of the Oh Joy! blog, recently posted about Prickie, a new online shop for the badge crazy peeps out there! (You know who you are!) They are tons of fun and have work by over 150 really talented people! I love the site! My images can be found here. The etched women have bright, vibrant colors wrapping the edges. I just placed an order and when it arrives I'll take a pic of the sides. The logo will be changing soon to match my new look!

(Thank you to Joy for encouraging me to submit!!)

Gift Certificates

I was finally inspired by a client to get it together and design a Gift Certificate! With my new look settled it was actually a really quick adaptation, but sometimes you just need a kick in the toosh!

These GC's can be used in a few different ways. Purchase a certain size outright or help put money towards a friends commission. They can either be made out for a certain dollar amount, or for a specific size to keep the price a secret.

Feel free to contact me for more info!!

Pop Experiment

I recently got in touch with Zach over at Pop Experiment. I somehow stumbled upon the site and loved the ecclectic mix of artists he has listed in the Visual Arts section (including Kenichi Hoshine, who I recently featured on Creative Swoon). Agnes2 is up there representing me! Take a scroll through the work at PE. It is wonderful to see all the talent busting their butts out there!

Apr 23, 2006

Wedding Portraits

These are a couple of commissions I recently finished. I am so excited about them. One is 8"x10" and the other, of the couple dancing, is 16"x20". Both are portraits intended to be given as wedding gifts.

My favorite wedding portrait that I have done is called Jamey and Adam. At the time of the commission I had not met either of them, but in the nearly 2 years since their nuptuals we have become great friends. It is fun for me to look at that piece now and see all of the background items and how they truly do represent these two. I got to know them through another persons eyes before we ever shared laughs over sushi!

The season is upon us! Dahm Dahm Da-Dahm . . .