May 16, 2008

bad blogger!

I am a bad bad bad bad blogger! All is well here in what I am now referring to as "Gluetown". Since getting home from NY I have been working feverishly to get ready for shows. One was last weekend, and turned out to be a little slow, but lots of fun. Hubby came and lent a helping hand which was nice. I secretly hate hanging the work. I get overwhelmed by the packing materials and stuff everywhere. It just never goes well for me. Hannah normally steps in to save me, but with her not being there Hubby stepped up to the plate with gusto! Filling 2 tents was daunting, but I think it all turned out well! I even won a white ribbon, and "Honorable Mention"! ;)

This weekend is the Affaire in the Gardens Art Show in Beverly Hills. I went to this show a few times as a kid, so it is a little intimidating to be showing there. It's going to be a scorching weekend, so just getting out of the valley will probably be a good thing! (It is generally 15 degrees cooler on the other side of the hill!) I cant wait to have the tent set up, and work hung. Then I can relax and enjoy the experience!

OK, I know this was short but sweet, but I have a ton of bits and pieces to do now for this weekend! Catch you next week with photos!

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