Aug 19, 2006

Felt Club pics-finally!

I have finally uploaded all of my Felt Club photos. The experience was AMAZING! I was a really hot day standing out there in the sun, but I have to say that it was a great day. I enjoyed meeting people and talking about the art, although people were a bit confused by the smaller pieces of art. They thought that the 6x8 pieces were boxes of stationary. . . . Kind of weird, but I come from the perspective of intimately knowing each and every piece, so I know what they are. I have to remember that my style is kind of out of the box, and that people seeing the work for the first time need a minute to explore and get it.

I hope to be doing the October Felt Club. I have registered, so lets see if I can get in. The event is moving this month to The Echo and will be indoors, which I am sure will be like a dream! There will be more vendors too!

We spent a lot of the day moving our umbrellas around so that the lip balms and art wouldn't be in the sun. Thank goodness Tom, my husband, showed up with an extra umbrella! That really helped. And we were able to lend it out once the sun went behind the building and we were in the shade! What a luxury!

The classes that were taught were a huge success. Each one was packed! And the free ice cream definitely helped cool the masses down! Jenny, of Sew Darn Cute founded Felt Club, and does a great job organizing the event. There was a fantastic mix of crafters. I walked away with a fabulous purse from Queen Puff Puff. I love it! And so does Tom, who hates digging through huge purses for items I request while driving! That drives him NUTS!

The rest of the pics we took can be seen here. We were so overwhelmed on the actual day that I forgot to walk around and take pics of the event as a whole, but you can see images at the Felt Club Flickr Group.

I realize I keep saying we, and I should elaborate! My friend Jamey, who you have all heard about by now if you are a reader of this blog, was a fantastic help on the big day! She is a great person to have in your corner! She has a shop on Etsy called Bath Chick. She is like a mad scientist! She makes the most divine bath bombs I have ever experienced! (They were a huge hit!)

We collaborated on the Lip Balms. She took piece of my art and created flavors inspired by those pieces. They were a big hit! People got to test them out and really enjoyed that they are all natural. This girl knows what she is doing! I am totally addicted! Lately, that is what Tom is digging out of the purse! Lip balm please!

All of the pieces and items that remain are now listed in my Etsy store.

Aug 18, 2006

Illustration Friday: Match

(detail from Swing Love)

For this weeks Illustration Friday theme match I decided to show a piece that interprets the word from a love standpoint. Monday was after all our first wedding anniversary, and because we were married 4 years from the day that we met, it was also our 5 year anniversary, but who's counting. ;) It is a huge milestone in our relationship, in any relationship for that matter.

I love the image of this couple sitting on the swing. I think they are a perfect match! This is just a detail shot, a close up so you can see that great "H is for Husband". In the background of the full piece is an illustration of a husband kissing his wife goodbye for the day as he heads off to work. It is so very much like a scene out of The Dick Van Dyke Show. I admire that sentiment and closeness. It is to be cherished!

It's all uploaded . . . FINALLY!

I just spent the entire day getting all of the new work and merch into the etsy store. I am ecstatic to have it all done! The lip balms photographed really well, as did all of the onesies! I am always relieved when the photography goes smoothly! Lighting can be tricky with no proper set up. That is why most of my images are shot in the backyard! I have to say I have grown fond of the grass and hedge backgrounds though!

I also updated the bookplates, magnets and pins with photos of the final packaging for each. I adore how the pins came out! The bright colored felt is so fun!

If you do check out the Etsy shop, be sure to click passed the first page. I uploaded a lot of art yesterday and it has already fallen to page 2 and beyond! I cant wait for V.2 of Etsy! Sounds like there will be better organizing options then!

Aug 14, 2006

So glad it is Monday!

I know that being excited for Monday is not normal, but I am!! Today is our one year wedding anniversary and we are off to relax in Dana Point. It is not a far drive, and there are no crazy airports involved! This is my perfect retreat! Just those facts alone make it so!

When I get back I cant wait to share all kinds of pictures from Saturday's Felt Club, (once we get back from our mini-break I will get them uploaded). It was a huge success and I loved meeting so many people. It was invigorating to hear all kinds of feedback and hang out with other crafty people. I am so proud of all of the work that went into the day, and that I am now ready to do fairs all over town. I have a few planned for the coming months and cant wait!

Also, the lip balms and onesies will be added to my Etsy shop on Thursday!! You are going to LOVE them!

An extra special thank you to my partner in crime, Jamey! Her help was invaluable. She was cheery the entire day, even during the hottest hours! You rock Bath Chick!!

See you all in a few days!

Rare Bird Finds

Quick note! I just got an email letting me that I am featured today on Rare Bird Finds! Thanks guys! Check out their site! It is awesome!

Aug 13, 2006

IF: Play

So I decided that for this weeks Illustration Friday theme of Play I would show a piece of hope. I feel like this poor adorable boy, Chris2, is probably going nuts in his head thinking how he would love to stop sitting still for the camera and bolt out the door to have some fun with his mates! Don't you just want to splash him with some mud! The background is comprised of lots of fun bits and pieces like an old playing card, a vintage Old Mother Hubbard illustration and poem, and the title page from a book called "The Tale of the Frisky Squirrel".

Come on Chris!! Give us a wink!