May 11, 2006

Etsy Replenished!
I just uploaded these pieces, and few other intriguing men and women to my Etsy store. Clickity click!!

May 10, 2006

Keep your eyes peeled!

New work is going to be uploaded into my Etsy store today!! Lots of Agnes and others! Make sure to stop by . . .

A Sweet Surprise!

Today I received a wonderful surprise in the mail! An envelope full of goodies was sent to me by Corey (Tongue in Cheek) Amaro! The presentation was so dainty and delicate! I love this lacey paper everything was wrapped in! And the sweet ribbon and pooches just made me smile! I love the the attention to detail and the thought that went into putting this sweet surprise together! I am drooling over the photos and cant wait to scan the negatives! Where did you ever find this incredible lace paper??? I can barely wait to glue it down! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Corey! You have brightened my day!

If you haven't ever visited Coreys blog, you have no idea what you are missing! Her words and images are a daily inspiration! Do yourself a favor! Click on over and check it out!

May 9, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday-Introduce Yourself week 2

We all wear many hats throughout our every day . . . but I have never worn one quite this extravagant! This is an original Kelly Christy creation that I got to play around in at her trunk show on Saturday. It reminds me of being a guard at Windsor Castle. Or maybe of something that would have been worn in Gigi or Funny Girl. It is so cool! I love the built in bangs of feathers! Note the very cool Jennifer Jones necklace. I got to wear it for the day. I love the Starfish, but she also offers other charms like little revolvers and sea shells.

You can see more of shots of the Trunk Show on Creative Swoon!!

May 8, 2006

Chic to Classic


OK- This is sort of my first Whiplash post!! This piece was not done over the weekend, but as I kept thinking about the theme, I couldn't stop thinking about this piece. I am posting it not to enter the contest really, but to give the piece a new life! It has been couped up far too long and I want to share it!

This is a collage of my grandmother. I used clippings from magazines and a xerox of a photo of my grandmother from 1937. She was 23 years old, and TOTALLY CHIC! At least when I look at the old photos of her thats what I see! And when I remember her visiting us when I was younger, I remember many classic things about her from the pearlized pink nailpolish she always wears, to her perfume, our Scrabble games by the pool, her way in general.
I love how she seems to be peeking out of the piece. I really enjoy looking at it. I need to frame her!

The piece is 6x8 on canvas board. Next week will be new work! I swear!

Ugolino & His Sons

I have had many encounters with this magnificent piece of art. The most recent was in October 2005 when at 9am on a Wednesday I found myself alone, The Postal Service on my iPod, in the sculpture hall at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I actually went there specifically for this work, to take photos of every detail, but usually we cross paths unexpectedly. Each time I stand in front of this piece my pulse quickens, my knees go weak. I feel my emotions well and I want to cry. It is not a pretty subject matter, not romantic in the traditional sense. I cant describe why this is the one for me.

The piece is Ugolino & His Sons by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux . If you have seen it in person, then you know how huge and powerful it is. The piece depicts a passage from Dantes Inferno in which a man, Ugolino della Gherardesca is imprisoned in a tower with his sons and grandsons, for having betrayed is city. They are all sentenced to starve to death. In one of my first Art History classes I remember learning that the children had offered themselves to Ugolino. That once they had died, they wanted him to survive on their flesh. However, scientists believe they have found the remains on Ugolino and performed tests that discount this tale. You can read more about Ugolino and forensics here.

You can feel this sculptures life, as if these poor boys are about to breathe. About to shriek and sob. I am always expecting them to get up and run, beg for mercy even. I think that the overwhelming emotions take hold of me when I (after a few seconds of waiting for movement) realize they are frozen in their terror. Then my heart breaks for them.

Do you have a piece of art that makes your knees go weak every time you encounter it? Please comment and share them with us!!

To see more detail shots of this sculpture, click here.