Mar 30, 2006

Fresh batch!

Gadzooks! The pieces that where being sold at Kingfisher Road pretty much sold out in 5 days!!!! I have been working hard to get more work done to replace the stock. Here is a quick shot of some of the stuff I have been working on. I will be taking most of these pieces into the store first thing Friday morning. If you see something you like email me and I will hold it back! They are all 6" x 8".

Mar 28, 2006

Free shipping ending soon!

Just a reminder that the free shipping offer on items in my online shop ends Friday!! Lots of new stuff has been added, including 8"X10" prints. Be sure to take a look! (Not sure why the images are blue!!! Check out the site for the real deal!!)

(applies only to US shipping)

Creative Swoon now posting!

So, I have decided it is time to get Creative Swoon off the ground! I have been trying to hold out until I could get my HTML skills up and running, but I think I will just have to play as we go! I want to have some fun!!

Check out my first post about the Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley, CA.

Last chance to Vote!

Here is your last chance reminder to help Jury the April Exhibition at Projekt30!! As I said in my previous post: Click through the mystical array of varying mediums and dizzying talent and be sure you are ready for a little Oohhing and Aahhing! You get to rate each individual artist on a scale of 1-5. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality, and quantity(!), of work. And yes, my stuff is up there too!

The final 30 will be on display at April 1-30, 2006.

Great weekend!
What a great time we had up North this weekend. The drive from LA to San Francisco, or really the East Bay, can be a pain. The drive up Interstate 5 is 5.5 to 6 hours of dry, brown hills and a few slaughter houses (which is enough to turn you vegetarian on the smell alone!). However, in Spring there is a lot of green, and a good portion of the fruit trees and crops are starting to grow. The landscape is peppered with trees sprouting and flower fields. It was on the verge of raining the entire drive there, so the quality of light had an almost cozy-ing effect, making us wish we could curl up by the fire instead of being trapped in our rental!

We stayed with friends and the morning before setting out for Calistoga (another hour and a half drive each way!) to the wedding which prompted the trip, we took a lazy walk through the neighborhood. Berkeley is a beautiful place to walk around, especially when everything is just beginning to bloom! Again, it was overcast and threatening to soak us any minute, so we set out knowing we might regret leaving the house! Our friends Basak & Mark took us to a garden begun by Alice Waters in the local middle school (I will be posting about this amazing place separately.) Then we roamed through an nursery that had more trees and flowers and shrubs than anyplace around our house in LA! I have to say that that is probably a blessing because I was already formulating a strategy in my head to bring plants back with us in the car! My husband would have loved that! I would go crazy if I had access to that kind of green house right down the street! It would be like a forest in our backyard!!

Mark was to serve as the Cellist for the ceremony so we set out for Calistoga a few hours early. The wedding was at the beautiful Hans Fahden Winery. This is an incredibly romantic place to get married. The grounds consist of ponds and trails, geese and ducks, and of course the vineyards! To top it off there is a huge covered deck wrapped in Wisteria over looking the entire pond area. The ceremony was touching and emotional. The bride, Jane, was stunning! Both of them looked beautiful and happy, as you should be on your wedding day! ;) It was such a surprise when the doors opened for the reception, and a cave was revealed! The environment was just perfect. Candles and flowers everywhere. It was one of those weddings that is unpretentious and all about the experience of sharing the occasion with family and friends! Made the 15 hours of total driving very worth it!

Overall we had a great time this weekend visiting with friends and sharing in such a personal occasion. We where really honored to be invited to Jane and Oddells wedding! And a special thanks to Basak and Mark for inviting us to stay with them. We really miss all of our No. Cal. friends now that we are in LA and rarely get to hang out! I have to say though, it is good to be home!!

What is the most incredible place you ever attended a wedding?? Please share with us!!