Jan 12, 2007

Doubling up! SPC & IF

IF: 80's
1/12/07: I am doubling up on the use of this image! Unexpected, I know, BUT, this is actually the only photo I have ever done a portrait of from the 80's, which happens to be the IF theme this week!! I am not quite sure what year, but I was maybe 8 or 9? Maybe 7? I have no idea, but it is my favorite photo of my father and me. Keep reading for the full story.

SPC: Resolutions
1/9/07: This is my first Self Portrait Challenge post for 2007. This is a big, huge year for me. I am ebbing into my 30's and am a little shocked and awed at where I am compared to where I thought I would be when I actually hit this age. I have promised myself that this year will be clear. I will be focused and work hard to push myself out of my comfort zone. I will make sure that everyday I remember how lucky I am to be healthy, and how lucky I am to have have a healthy family. I will have authentic relationships with my friends. I will recognize what I can and can't do. I will allow myself to be human.

(This photo is my favorite picture of my father and me from my childhood. He recently turned 70 and I created this for his birthday gift. It is the first time I have done an actual self portrait. I presented him with the gift earlier this week and he was surprised and really liked it. Happy Birthday Stinky!)

Jan 8, 2007

Illustration Friday: Buzz

A little late, but better than never! This weeks IF theme is buzz. I have chosen Gail for this post because I love this photo! She is hanging out on a chaise in her backyard, all proper in an argyle sweater. What you cant see is that her socks match the sweater and she is fully relaxed with her feet up. This image makes me think of a good friend who I used to visit in LA before I moved back here from NYC. We would sit in the backyard and hold on tightly to our warm coffees and tea around the Chiminea. We would talk non-stop for hours and munch on cinnamon raisin toast. We would end up with major caffeine and sugar highs and then crash on the sofa! We had so much fun hanging out in that yard! Then I moved back here, and she moved to NYC. We switched, which was a buzz kill! Ha!


I have spent the last few days adding pieces to Etsy that I have never had up for sale before. Most of these pieces are ones I have been attached to and wasn't ready to list, but I am ready! In February we are planning on starting a little home construction and the walls wont be so available for storage! Most have never been offered, so click over and check 'em out!