Oct 26, 2007

Village Venture!

Tomorrow Hannahmade and I will be participating in Claremonts Annual Village Venture Festival! I have never done this event before, but have heard amazing things! There will be over 450 vendors lined up through the streets of Claremont village, which is an insane number! I am looking forward to seeing all of the different vendors and to a lovely, cool day!

The show is from 9-5 and we are booth #306.

Hundreds of children come dressed in costume and march in a kids Halloween costume parade beginning at 9:30 am so if you have a little one with a penchant for waving to the crowd, come early!! (Parade starts at the corner of Bonita & Harvard Avenues.)

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IF: Trick or Treat

The IF theme this week is trick or treat!! I cant believe Halloween is already right around the corner! Time, she is a flyin'! This is one of my favorite spooky photos! The piece is called Belles2.One of these girls is sure to take the treats, but you know the other just wants to play a trick! Watch out!

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Oct 24, 2007

SPC: Food wk.3

A large part of my everyday life is tea. I was born in England and have always needed 2 or more cups a day to get me going. In the summer heat, I do enjoy iced coffee, but tea is my staple. It runs through my veins. And this pic made me laugh. It is very Halloween-y. A creepy reflection at the bottom of my mug! Oh wait . . . that's me!

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Oct 22, 2007

Ominous sky

It has been so incredibly windy here for the past 3 days. Yesterday a HUGE fire broke out in Malibu, as I am sure everyone has seen on the news, and the sky was insane! I snapped this shot as we packed up after Barnsdall and the sky was just unreal! I just cant believe all of the devastation going on all over LA. The winds at my house in the San Fernando Valley are still gusting up to about 45 mph. It is insane!!

They are currently saying on the news that there are at least 14 wildfires burning from LA County down to San Diego. 236,000 people have been asked to evacuate in all. Our thoughts are with all those in windy and inflamed areas! Thank you to all of the fire fighters for all that you do!