May 18, 2007

IF: Signs
I was pretty much stumped by this week's IF theme signs. I like the juxtapositions in this piece. The the high collar and complete sexlessness of the late 1800's-early 1900's, against the more feminine and flirty 50's and 60's. Today we are so far over the top, with the socialites and their lack underpants. . . . I guess we can just chock it up to a sign of the times.

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May 17, 2007

Getting ready for So Co

I am getting really excited about the upcoming So Co Bazaar. I mean, I was looking forward to it before, but now that I have seen the list of vendors and I know there is going to be live music, I am so excited! The Pawnshop Kings will be going on at noon. It is a beautiful setting, and there are great vendors! It is going to be such a fun day! Here is a sneak peak at the site . . .

So mark your calendars if you are in Southern California!! June 2nd is going to ROCK!

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May 16, 2007

The New Do!

The end result of a great haircut! I am still getting used to the fact that I am a short haired blond, but I feel so much lighter! The chopped hair will be mailed off to Locks of Love. Doesnt look like much in the Ziploc. So odd, because it felt like so much hair when it was still on my head!
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Snip snip here, snip snip there

Hard to believe it was 1 year ago when Jamey loped off her locks to donate and inspired me to do the same. I am so excited to say that today is the day! This morning I am off to see Brig for a long overdue and well deserved hair chopping. Not just a cut, but a total chop! I will mail off the ponytail and say adieu!! I think it is an awesome thing to be able to make such a huge contribution to someones life by really just doing nothing out of the ordinary other than growing your hair! I wish we could see after pics once the hair is utilized!

I haven't had long hair like this since high school, and now I remember why! It is just too much to handle. I feel drab and heavy headed under all this length! It is always a fun challenge to see how long I can take the growing. I am now saying uncle!

I followed this poor woman and her friend to a few booths at the Rose Bowl on Sunday trying to catch up to them and ask if I could snap a picture of her lovely haircut. (Yes Tyn, I totally stalked her!) So this may be my new do. If anyone can make that happen, it is Brig! Not sure I will go blond, but you never know what may strike my fancy. . . .

I will be sure to post some after photos later on!
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May 15, 2007

District Weekly Review!

Thank you so much to Theo Douglas of the District Weekly for this awesome review of my solo show at {open}. This is my first real art review, and I am oh so very proud!!! ;)

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May 14, 2007

SPC: On the Street week 2

This weekend I definitely hit the street! Saturday morning my friends Jamey, Adam and I participated in the Revlon Run/Walk which is a 5k event to help raise money toward Womens Cancers. I am proud to say that I finished 18119 out of 33685. LOL Can you believe they clocked us! I love that! Too funny. It took us 1 hour and 39 minutes, 40 minutes of which were spent trying to make a left into the gates of the LA Coliseum. We had a ton of fun walking through downtown LA. The course was all around USC. There is a lot of cool old architecture and signage down there! This is the second time I have participated in the event. The first was in 2001 in NYC. That started in Midtown and went all through Central Park. It was also cool to walk through the streets on NYC early in the a.m. with no cars whizzing by.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me on the walk. I was able to raise $550.00 of my $1000 goal. I was really impressed to have raised that much! I mentioned back in this post that all sponsors would receive a 10% off coupon to be used toward one order from my Etsy store as a thank you. They are taking donations until June 15th, so I will extend the incentive through then. It is not too late to make a difference and reap the rewards!!

This picture was taken just as we were getting started. You can see more photos from the event here.
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Modish Summer Gift Guide

Today the Modish Summer Gift Guide launched. There are so many great gift idea, an designers to discover. I foud a few I had never seen before, whose items I LOVE, including HannahMade, Alicia Bock, and LEAF. The best part is that most of the shops have offered a discount code of some sort to all Modish readers!

My new 11x14 "To Vera" Prints are featured. You'll have to go to the guide to see my special offer!

Happy Shopping!

(All images courtesy of Modish)

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