Feb 17, 2007

So, my sewing projects are getting a little bit more complex. This is another pattern from the November Martha Stewart Living. This one was pretty complicated, but I think it came out all right! I butchered the hand stitching on the back that finished him off. My nephews, 7 and 9 years old, are visiting, and want to know why I made a lamb that looks like a dog! Must work on my hand sewing techniques!

Feb 16, 2007

What the . . .

This pic is too funny not to share! Last Friday, on trash day, this poor guy got the boot! These cans are directly across the street from my bedroom window. Needless to say, it took me a moment to figure out why I had the strangest feeling I was being watched! LOL

Feb 15, 2007

Anniversary Commission

I finished this piece today! It is a commission from one of my clients to be given as an anniversary gift to her in-laws! It includes photos of their kids, best friends, and grandkids! So sweet!

Hanging out with Lisa Congdon!

As I posted last week, this past Saturday night was the opening reception of the fabulous Lisa Congdon's at ReForm School here in LA. I am a HUGE fan of Lisa's work and am so excited to have gotten to finally meet her. Every piece was was gorgeous! The one I had my eye on had already sold and we only arrived at 7:30! I have one of Lisa's pieces in my home that Tom surprised me with for my birthday! It hangs in my bedroom and I get to stare at it every night before falling asleep! I love it!!

I had a blast hanging out chatting with other crafty friends. I love these types of events! It is nice to get to put a face to the bloggers and artists whose words and work enter my everyday!

Feb 14, 2007

Valentines Mailed!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Today I finally mailed out most of my Valentines for the awesome Valentines swap arranged by Tyn! It is so much fun! I have gotten 4 in the mail so far, and they are so awesome! I decided to sew my Valentines to make this a learning opportunity for me. These were put together last week, and definitely gave me the confidence to even approach the chicken! I am excited by how they turned out. A little rough and raw, but each one has its own personality and composition. I hope everyone enjoys them!!

If you'd like to see photos of all of the valentines, check out the Flick group here.

PS: I am swamped preparing for a week with my Sister-in-Law and her family. They are coming tomorrow with my 2 nephews and will be staying with us for a week! Donna is 4 months Pregnant so it will probably be her last trip before preparing for baby! We have a lot of fun to pack in!!! I wont have a studio for a week so no crafty fun for me. (Except for knitting, because I can do that standing in a corner if I have to!) I promise to have my 3 remaining Valentines out ASAP! Sorry!!!!

Feb 11, 2007

The Last Knit

I totally get this . . . and know a few girls who will relate too! You know who you are! I feel like my snake project might do this to me!

(Found on Whip Up!)

J. Horsman

This is a commission I finished last week. I am so excited about the final piece!! It is 24" x 36". Thank you Jennifer!