Dec 9, 2006

Commission Deadline for the Holidays

Time is ticking by and Christmas is just a few weeks away. I am still getting commission requests, which delights my to no end! I love working on personal pieces for people and hearing the story of the unveiling afterward. Inevitably, there is always a wonderful reaction to such a personal gift!

I think that it would be best for me to set a deadline for commissions to ensure an ontime Christmas delivery. I am requesting that all requests be in by December 15th. So if this is something you have been thinking of doing, please contact me using the "email me" link to your right, and lets get the party started!

Dec 8, 2006

Store closed for the weekend!

Due to the craziness that will be Felt Club and the Rose Bowl, I have decided to partially close my Etsy shop for the weekend. All original works will be unavailable Saturday morning through Sunday evening. I wouldn't want to double sell the same piece of original art! So if you have had your eye on something, I encourage you to click on over and secure that purchase!

If you missed my previous post about the shows I am participating in this weekend, please scroll down!! I wouldn't want anyone missing out of the festivities!!! Hope to see you out there!

Illustration Friday: Mask

I think that this weeks Illustration Friday theme of mask is really interesting. it can be interpreted in so many ways. The masks we wear everyday to publicly, or privatly, present ourselves to those around us can vary tremndously! I think that, in a way, some of the pieces I do of women are my mask. The brave face. The big smile. Who knows whats going on behind those eyes. . . .

Dec 6, 2006


I am sorry to be so quiet this week! I am busy preparing for my mega blowout weekend with Felt Club on Saturday and the Rose Bowl on Sunday! Back to back shows! I am so excited! I have many new 6" x 8" pieces I have been working on, and will be debuting 2 new Lip Balm flavors!
As I have mentioned before, this Felt Club is going to be HUGE!! With 70+ vendors, it is almost 4x as large as the regular Felt Clubs!! There will be swag bags for the first 250 visitors filled with magazines, coupons, buttons, samples from the sponsors and other fun treats. PLUS, the Editors of CRAFT magazine will be running a Craft: Room, helping visitors decorate holiday stockings, make ornaments, and such!! It is going to be an AMAZING day!

FELT CLUB: XL Holiday Edition
Saturday, DECEMBER 9, 12pm-7pm
4315 Melrose Ave. @ Heliotrope

Sunday at the Rose Bowl will be awesome too! Another day under the canopy with HannahMade and her gorgeous jewelry! We are in spot 843A around the back of the bowl in the Arts & Crafts section! We always have such a good time together knitting at our booth! And we get to meet interesting people which I love!! I just have to try not to buy all of Hannahs earrings! They are all so beautiful. I think I want to give them to all my friends this year for Christmas!

These are my last 2 shows before the holidays. If you are in the So. Cal. area, try to come out and check out these events! There will be lots of great holiday shopping to be done! There is nothing more unique than a handmade original piece, whether it be art, jewelry, a pouch, bath products, clothing . . . I could go on and on! All of the amazing crafters and artists need your support! I encourage everyone to buy Indie this holidays season!!!