Mar 3, 2006

I recently finished my largest portrait yet! "Cissie" is a piece I have done for my dining room wall. This is an image of my Grandmother on the beach in the late 1920's-early 30's, when she was a young teenager. Today, she is 91 years old and lives in London, so I dont get to see her very often. I miss her a lot and this piece makes me smile whenever I see it, (which is often as it is in the middle of my house!)

Although my house is sort of just put together while we dream of all of crazy renovations we want to do, these touches make it feel even more like our home. One day that wall will be history, and Cissie will hang someplace else, but for now she is helping to make a space that feels borrowed, a space someone else created, feel more like us!

She is 48x60 which was no small task! Nothin' like crawling around on the floor trying to reach the middle of a canvas! I love this job!!!

Anyone even minutely interested in design should be checking out
this lady's blog EVERY SINGLE DAY! Holly is generous, kind and witty! Her eye for awesome design and her wildly funny writing style, reviews, tips, and interviews with indie artists are devoted to filling our homes and minds with happy, pretty things! She is relentless!! Posting 4-8 times throughout the day, her dedication is astounding! Make sure to bookmark her blog! You will not be sorry!

If you haven't checked out Etsy, you have no idea what you are missing!!!
Etsy is a fantastic new venue for all things original and handmade. Etsy was launched on June 18, 2005 and in just 9 short months there are 6788 sellers!

This is not an auction site, so there is no bidding. If you like it, click it and viola! It's yours! There are all kinds of amazing artisans selling Jewelry, Art, Accessories, and pretty much anything else crafty you can think of!
There is also an Alchemy link through the site where you can post ads to have crafty things commissioned. The people who can do what you need bid to get the job! What a great way to find a creative mind anywhere in the world who you may never have found otherwise!

My Etsy shop just opened, and to celebrate I'm offering FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US throughout the month of March.
This is up to a $50 value, FREE!

Mar 2, 2006

So . . . I guess I am a Blogger now! I am excited to get this diary of sorts underway and hope to keep it up regularly.
Check back often for all kinds of art goodies and announcements!