Dec 1, 2006

Illustration Friday: Might
This weeks Illustration Friday theme is might. It has been so windy and cold here in So. Cal. that I think we might have a chance for a Snowday!! Maybe not, but that would be so awesome! In all of my years living in NYC all I wanted was a snowy winter. (It finally happened the last winter I was there! Full blizzard! Fun for me!) Growing up in LA, I always craved the seasons. Sure the leaves fall off of the trees, and the temp dips below 60 here (ha!), but I want snow! There is nothing wrong with a white Christmas! A girl can dream cant she??

Nov 30, 2006

Felt Club Fundraising!!

I think I may have had my head up in the clouds for the past few weeks! I didn't realize that the Felt Club was holding a fundraising raffle for a LIFETIME SUBSCRITION to The Sampler until this very moment. Of course the time to purchase a raffle ticket or two ends tonight, so you had better get your buy on! If you aren't sure what The Sampler is, I am happy to share! It is an uber-cool monthly mailing of fun and cool crafty items, from 1 inch buttons to candles, etc made by some oth the coolest crafters out there! The subscriptions sell out super fast, so this is a great prize!! It will be like getting a little present every month, for the rest of your life! So dont be a dope! Enter the raffle! NOW!!!!

Nov 29, 2006

Holiday Boutique-Woodland Hills

This coming Sunday I am participating in a home Holiday Boutique in Woodland Hills. I am taking this very cool opportunity to put a few pieces up for sale that I have never made available before, including Eduardo, John Q., Albert, Mr. Costello, and Sleigh Ride among others!!

This one is sure to ROCK! This fun holiday boutique is in a private home so there wont be any crazy crowds to contend with! There will be lots of great deals to be had! Please remember that most of the vendors will only be taking cash and checks.

The details: December 3rd, 12-6,

Who will be there?? So glad you asked!
Bath Chick
In Craft We Trust
Henry Road
Funky Frocks

Mention this blog and receive 10% off of all purchases over $50.00 (at my table only!!)

Nov 28, 2006


OMG! Have you seen this mini-film??? Been a long time since 1:15 seconds has made such a fabulous example of just how nutso our impressions are! Congrats to whomever is responsible for this genius!

And thank you to BZ for bringing this to my attention!

Glamor-wk 4

As it turns out, November has been hectic! I have let my participation in the Self Portrait Challenge suffer, something that makes me a bit crazy as I sort of promised myself that I would be consistent! Turns out that my version of consistent is maintaining something for a few months, and then lapsing for a short while before kicking myself in the behind! Ha!

I guess part of my ease at falling behind in the SPC is that Glamor, this months theme, is not really something I identify with. I spend a lot of time in my sweats trying not to drop gobs of glue on them! (It is a futile effort!) I think that glamor is sonething on the inside, and I find it HYSTERICAL the things we will subject ourselves to in an effort to be pretty! Take this crazy face mask thing that my friend gave me to do the night before my Real Simple photo shoot. I look like some kind of Hannibal Lecter prodigy! The whole thing was simply too funny not to photograph, and then apparently share with the world! So enjoy my attempt at pursuing glamorous skin! The process was certainly anything but!!!

Nov 27, 2006

Thank you Craft Synergy!!!

Everything has been so hectic for the past few weeks that I forgot to mention that on November 13th I did an interview with the lovely Patricia over at Craft Synergy!! Every few days a new interview is posted. Patricia has made some excellent selection. All of the articles are amazingly interesting! You wont want to miss a single one!!

So glad to be home!

I hope that everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! We certainly managed to over cook, and over eat! While I really enjoy traveling and gettng to hang out with friends in NY, I am SO glad to be home!!! It was just a week, but I feel like I was gone for a month! For a person who works at home and spends a lot of time in the quiet of my studio, being out of the house and running around NY really knocked me on my ass! I know it sounds coo coo, but it is totally true! I am happy to be home!

The Saturday before I left I participated in the Sous Le Soleil home boutique in Pasadena. I took lots of photos that you can check out on my Flickr. There were lots of really cool vendors tere! I had a blast and met some awesome people! Thank you Tyn!!

I also have finally uploaded the photos from the Apartment Therapy Fall Colors Contest party at Turquiose! They can be seen here.

I am working hard to get caught up! Amazing how much stuff can pile up in a week! TTFN!