Mar 23, 2006

SF & Creative Swoon
Road Trip!!! We are off to San Francisco for the weekend!! We haven't been back since we moved so it will be nice to hang out! Plus, our good friend Jane is getting married!! It is sure to be one hell of a party! I'll be back posting on Monday, hopefully with great road trip and wedding pics! Happy first weekend of spring!!! Get out there and enjoy the fresh blooms and crisp air!!
Coming soon!
I hope to be launching my new blog, Creative Swoon, very soon (I swear!). This site will revolve around all things creative, including (but certainly not limited to) Artists, Musicians, Culinary ideas, handmade wearables, jewelry, and varying talents all over the creative board. If you are a crafty craftster, or know someone who is, please point them over here! I want to know what making people happy out there! What are you creating? Email me!!! Lets get a conversation started!

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Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Lucky going to SF!! I wish I could join you!!
What am I creating...I am restoring two things I found at the flea market: a floor lamp and a iron based work table.