Apr 6, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

So, here is my first attempt at Self Portrait Tuesday . . . and even though it is Thursday, I am going with the better-late-than-never frame of mind!!

Why am I an April Fool you ask? Because for a split second I thought I could get a little love from the meanest cat in the world! See him turning away!! He only has eyes for one person, and that would be my husband. He simply tolerates me! I live in his world.
Lewis, the cat, is so cruel that he will walk up to our younger, but larger, cross-eyed Siamese cat Charlie and SLAP HIM for no reason. Do you know how hard it is to get a cat to sit in the corner?? Especially one with Freddy Kreuger nails? (cant cut 'em! He wont let us!) And yes, I am aware of the irony pertaining to the recent story of the cat in CT, named Lewis, who had a restraining order placed against him! (Kind of a funny story. Click here to read.)

And as it is his world, I thought I'd let him pick out a self portrait too! He is so vain, he posed!


ellia said...

hahahahaa... your post is so funny!!! your cat reminds me of my sisters who looks like a fuzzy lion.... and the pic is sooo soft and very pretty! i might have to give self portrait tuesday or thursday a shot ;)

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

What happiness, a kiss of spring! You are its first flower!

DesignGal said...

Very sweet cat and great blog!

natasha said...

our youngest cat, pavel, adores his papa. i am more of a...toy for him. i think he likes me ok, but he kisses my husband and sleeps nose to nose with him, etc. i guess that they are just like us and have favorites. i am off to buy some of your stuff on etsy. i adore your work. and i am hoping to get a wedding portrait done, as our wedding photos...suck and our anniversary is coming up in august.