Jul 5, 2006

Gallery and Online Shows

I have added a few links in the sidebar to online and gallery shows that my work is currently in.

The Hollywood Couple, Richard and Betty (pictured above) are currently in the Americana show at the Soke Fine Art gallery in Denver, CO in the Santa Fe Arts District. The show runs all through July.

Issue#2 of NoTxt Magazine features a collection of very cool artists. It takes a minute to load, but the work is very nice!

And finally the Doll Revolt online show is a really eclectic gathering of women artists. The layout is a little confusing at first, with the work divided into galleries that are laid out on a female doll outline. My work is in the Prosthesis category which is on the dolls right arm. This is an interesting collection of works. Be sure to click on the Part 2 link to see the Gilda Radner Cut-out Doll. It is very cute!


Funky Finds said...

fabulous that your lovely artwork is being displayed in so many places currently! :)

susan said...

how great michelle!!!
good luck with them all... love your fireworks pics too... we saw them on canada day in montreal and wow were they spectacular.