Aug 11, 2006

It's here already??

Well, Felt Club is tomorrow and I am so ready it is unbelievable! I cant wait to get my first craft fair under my belt! I will be taking lots of pictures so get ready for those! I am off to get my rest! See you tomorrow!!!


Ouissi Gresty said...

Good luck!! Looking forward to seeing the pictures

Ouissi x

Remington Plum said...

You've Been Nominated By One Of Your Peers For A Plummy Award

Hello and congratulations!
Someone you know (or don't know) is a very big fan of yours, and has nominated you for a Plummy Award for Excellence in Crafting. You have been nominated in the following category: Best Multidiscipline Crafting

Again, congratulations. The person who nominated you left the following comments: Michelle's work is so original & breathtaking. She really
tells a story with her mixed media pieces that she creates. In the brief
time that I have known Michelle, her work has branched out in many
directions. She has began taking her collages into other mediums including
buttons, booklets & light boxes, as well as tshirts. She has another
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Paula said...

Congratulations!!! All your stuff looked wonderful. You should be so proud of everything you have achieved. I am sure it will be a great success. Good to see you. Paula

susan said...

good luck michelle! i see you are a fellow plum too! who is spreading all this plummy cheer?