Sep 5, 2006

SPC-With Someone-wk 1

This months theme for the Self Portrait Challenge is with someone. After all that my friend Hannah did to help me prepare for my first photo shoot yesterday, I would be insane if I didn't take my first opportunity to say "Thank you Hannah! I could never have done it without you! I probably would have been a disaster without your steady hands and calm, soothing approach to reigning in my craziness! You take no crap, and no prisoners, and for that, I admire you! You are a strong beautiful woman with spunk and pizzazz! Your talents know no end! You are my soul sister! The good girl to my evil twin. I love ya like I love glue!" This girl rocks!!! Get it?


Deb R said...

She sounds like a great friend and I love the photo.

melba said...

So nice to have help from a friend!

I really liked your interview you linked to below. very interesting.

Bedazzzled1 said...

Neat photo and neat description of your wonderful friend.

Nicely done.

girlfriday said...

love the action photo : shows just why she's such a great help and great friend