Oct 27, 2006

Illustration Friday: Wind

This weeks Illustration Friday theme is wind, and although we are in Fall, and it has been unfortunately very windy here in LA for the last 2 days, this is the image I conjure when faced with this word.

I think that one of the most interesting things I have learned since becoming a full time artist is how encompassing of the 5 senses each image it to me. A lot of my memories are triggered by smells, or sounds, and I seem to incorporate certain background noises or sensations with my experience of each finished piece. I guess part of it is that we have all had a picnic at the park, and although this image is not on of my personal memories, it is familiar. It triggers personal memories.

This is Celine, and she is enjoying an afternoon at the local park with her new love. There is a warm wind blowing that wafts in the sweet scent of freshly cut grass, and I can hear the clanging chains of the swing set nearby. I can hear the kids make that unmistakable THUD when they jump off of the monkey rings and land in the sand, and I taste the grit of the sandy splash. I can see the colors and patterns of the butterflies and the wind tosses them about.

I think I might need to have a picnic this weekend!! Right after the CRAFT: magazine party! Happy Friday!


RonniHall said...

Love the collage. Beautiful, descriptive writing. Reminds me of the book I just got from the library that talks of details...it's called fruitflesh or something like that.

illustrationblog said...

Interesting collage! Doncha love the Santa Ana Winds?