Oct 17, 2006

Imperfection-wk 3!

This weeks imperfect Self Portrait Challenge post is all about my knitting debacles. As you can see, I am a semi-beginner!

Let this be a lesson to all of you semi-beginner knitters out there who think that you can put down a project for a year, and then remember what the heck you were doing when you finally decide to resume the process!

I started the lace on the right last year around Thanksgiving on our trip to visit Toms parents. I don't think I have picked it up since, and could not remember what pattern I had been knitting in any of my various books and printouts. Once I was relatively certain (did I say relatively?) I had identified the original pattern, I realized I would never figure out which row I had stopped at. In my infinite wisdom (HA!) I thought that I would turn this into a scarf that had lacy ends, and a stockinette stitch center (is that what that stitch is called?). When the middle finally wrapped my neck twice, I started the other end . . . . but the laces do not match! HA! Oh well!! This will be my eccentric artist scarf. I will wear it under jackets!

At second glance, I realize that the original lace pattern was this pattern by Susan Lawrence. It is a gorgeous pattern, and hopefully I will make something from it later on. I am sort of, but not really, embarrassed to admit that I knit this!! It will be funky, but it will be the first thing that I finish that I will keep. Granted, because I would never subject a friend to wearing my Frankensteinish mistake scarf!

If you are a knitter, check out this post on Creative Swoon. It has great resources for patterns, yarns and is all based on a great scarf drive that SuperNaturale is holding to benefit Sanctuary For Families, a very worthy group that helps battered women and children.


tyn said...

ya make me laugh girl.

Georgia said...

very nice! I can't knit for crap... I wish i was better at it though :)


Uber Mer said...

I can't tell you how many "in progress" knitting projects I have.... it's depressing. I still have a pair of legwarmers from last November that have yet to be finished, and now they're out of style. sigh.

I do love the lace pattern you used - and I love that it doesn't match it looks intentional and quirky. You shoud rock your scarf with pride : )

Anonymous said...

Nice shroud!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. I am glad I'm not the only one!! A couple of winters I started a scarf. They are dreadful things to knit nicely, especially if you want to change colors.

So I found a stitch pattern that looked great in a scarf. I seem to remember it was called a moss stitch. Easy enough to knit, but after setting down a partially finished scarf for a year I can't get it going again. After unravelling some of the rows it has become even worse!