Oct 2, 2006

SPC-Imperfection wk 1

The Self Portrait Challenge theme for the month of October is imperfection. Lovely, lovely imperfection. I give you my thumb, once clean, and now marred with a jagged inch and a half long scar that was gained from an unfortunate and stupid run in with an Exacto knife. Of course. With the frequency that I handle an exacto, I am amazed to have all my digits in place!

Aaah, lovely lovely imperfection. How I do bask in all of its glory! This is going to be an interesting month!


Uber Mer said...

Hi, I love your post! I'm suprised all my fingers as well. Just consider it a battle wound for something beautiful you created.

Jeremy Stockwell said...

Ouch!! I'm glad my wife doesn't do the mixed-media collage stuff like you do. I'm terrified for her even when she picks up a butter knife, let alone an -- Exacto knife! Cool picture. Yes, it is going to be an interesting month.

Lina said...

I enjoyed reading this, it makes me aware of imperfections as something positive. Nice photo!

I could never use a knife as an art tool (my clumsiness is bad enough in the kitchen), be careful with your fingers! :)