Nov 16, 2006

Sous Le Soleil

I am SO excited for this Saturdays craft boutique in Pasadena! I, along with 15 other artists and crafters, will be participating in Tyn Atols second annual Sous Le Soleil!! I went and checked out the space a couple of months ago and WOW! What a beautiful loctation, on top of a hill overlooking all of the city! I am looking forward to meeting the other artists who will be there, and to be outside for a day!!!Fresh air! Yay! (kinda sad huh?) If you are in LA and looking to get an early jump on your holiday shopping, you must come join us!!

Here are some of the awesome folks who will be there:
Tyn Atol
Denise Young
Renée Dominique
CJ Metzger
Kari Atol

Here is the info: 330 Redwood Dr. Pasadena 12-5 Say "Hi!" if you come by!!!

1 comment:

Paula Manning-Lewis said...

I just love your show displays, wish I could be there in person!

Hope you have a great time!