Mar 3, 2006

I recently finished my largest portrait yet! "Cissie" is a piece I have done for my dining room wall. This is an image of my Grandmother on the beach in the late 1920's-early 30's, when she was a young teenager. Today, she is 91 years old and lives in London, so I dont get to see her very often. I miss her a lot and this piece makes me smile whenever I see it, (which is often as it is in the middle of my house!)

Although my house is sort of just put together while we dream of all of crazy renovations we want to do, these touches make it feel even more like our home. One day that wall will be history, and Cissie will hang someplace else, but for now she is helping to make a space that feels borrowed, a space someone else created, feel more like us!

She is 48x60 which was no small task! Nothin' like crawling around on the floor trying to reach the middle of a canvas! I love this job!!!

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