Jan 23, 2007

SPC-resolutions 3

I just finished uploading all of the pics from this weekends birthday festivities. What an amazing time I had at the party! OMG! It was a fabulous evening, not too cold, and an extremely lovely group of people! I couldn't have asked for anything more!

I did realize how nice it is to be surprised! Normally I get into a mode where I have to know everything, or someones asks me a question that clues me into a surprise. I was so proud of how well secrets were kept from me! My girls, and hubby, really did a great job!

So I am adding a goal to me resolution list. I want to be less in control of every detail, and more open to the unexpected. You heard it here first! I know some of you who are picking your jaws up off the floor right now! You really did get me, and I really loved it! Thank you just isn't enough!

If you so desire, you can see all 1,000,001 photos from the party here.


Anonymous said...

You look very happy in this picture! :) Happiness is good for everyone! I'd rather see a smiling face then a frowning one any day! THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR HAPPINESS! :)

Deb R said...

That's a cool resolution and I like the photo!

Nicole said...

happy, happy day! you look smashing! and those little cupcakes are so darn cute!

HannahMade said...

Fine, I'll make the same resolution and we can hold each other to it!

I'm so glad you had fun!

JC said...

I love the look on your face in this photo.