Feb 14, 2007

Valentines Mailed!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Today I finally mailed out most of my Valentines for the awesome Valentines swap arranged by Tyn! It is so much fun! I have gotten 4 in the mail so far, and they are so awesome! I decided to sew my Valentines to make this a learning opportunity for me. These were put together last week, and definitely gave me the confidence to even approach the chicken! I am excited by how they turned out. A little rough and raw, but each one has its own personality and composition. I hope everyone enjoys them!!

If you'd like to see photos of all of the valentines, check out the Flick group here.

PS: I am swamped preparing for a week with my Sister-in-Law and her family. They are coming tomorrow with my 2 nephews and will be staying with us for a week! Donna is 4 months Pregnant so it will probably be her last trip before preparing for baby! We have a lot of fun to pack in!!! I wont have a studio for a week so no crafty fun for me. (Except for knitting, because I can do that standing in a corner if I have to!) I promise to have my 3 remaining Valentines out ASAP! Sorry!!!!

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marbargarbo said...

I love these Michelle! So cutie!