Mar 1, 2007

Working hard!

My nephews, 7 and 9, where so excited when they found out they I could make them stuffed animals! The pig is yet another from the November Martha Stewart Living. He has a really cute tail that you cant really see. There is a wire in it to make it a curly-q! That article really helped me learn a lot, but as you can see, I need to practice a bit more! The elephant is my own design, my first not from a pattern, and the poor guy was a little, shall we say, disproportionate. Wont dissuade me though! I will keep trying!

I have spent this week working hard on a few commissions and a new series of pieces! I am a little behind after the fams visit, so I have been pushing and plowing through getting caught up!
I am so excited about the new series. I am trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and cant wait to have a couple done to share with you!


Anonymous said...

I think they are wonderful! It's amazing that you made that elephant from your own design as well! Great job! They are sooo cute!

tyn said...

now you make your own pattersn?!?
geez. Love them- super cute. and I can't wait to see the new series!!!

decor8 said...

It was great talking to you last night - you didn't tell me about your plushie sewing adventures - these are seriously adorable! Great job. They must LOVE you.


HannahMade said...

that elephant is definitely king of his jungle...he's ready for action!

Good job! These are wonderful!