Apr 27, 2007

Sneak Preview

Sorry to be flying so low under the radar this week. I have been hustling to get lots of work finished for Saturdays {open}ing. There is a huge back wall in the space that I will be filling with a line of 6x8s and so I have been gluing non-stop! Today is a day for sealing and adding hardware! And baking cookies. That'll be a nice change of pace! LOL

The pic above is one of the walls at {open}. Not a great picture, as the sun is shining so brightly through the wonderful front window and drowning out all color, but it is a nice sneak peak at the show! I will have tons more to post on Sunday, I am sure.

I want to thank Apartment Therapy LA for posting about the opening! I look forward to meeting lots of people, fingers crossed! Be sure to introduce yourself if you make it!

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tyn said...

It is gonna be great!!!

Anonymous said...

I sure wish that I lived close enough. I would be there for sure if I had a way! Love your work. It looks so nice up on the wall like that! I bet the showing will be fab!