Jun 8, 2007

IF: Suit

Today's IF theme is suit! Funny how the brain immediately goes to a mens 3 piece or business suit. I have been working on a series of vintage women in bathing suits at the beach, and it took a minute for me to change the direction of my thinking.

I think that is my favorite part of these IF exercises, the immediate thoughts that run into my head, and then the "and what else could it be" that I then go think about. One word carries so much initial thought. It is nice to stretch it and really sort of be creative with the theme. This is the part of school I kind of miss!

So here are the 3 ladies in their suits! I would rather be in this kind of suit, than the formal one! And that is saying A LOT! ;)
Happy weekend~

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SLW said...

That's funny because the first thing that came to my head was bathing suit, but I ended up posting a man's suit, and you did the opposite.

bookbabie said...

I went to men's suit too, hmm, I do think George looks better in a suit anyway. Great Collage as always:)

claudine hellmuth said...

hi michelle! I love this bathing beauty!

Mitzi Ferguson said...

i always love seeing your work!! this came out beautifully!

Perriette said...

Oh, I really want to go swimming now. Fun collage.